Saturday, October 27, 2007

TerryFox Run 2007

Dear all,

Those who wish to participate in a race but don't have times or guts to do it, come join us in Terry Fox Charity Run on 4th November 2007 (Sunday) flag-off at 9am, at Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur. The race has been held in Malaysia for more than 15 years. It is a non-competitve family event with great number of participants below 10 & above 50 including babies. Don't worry, you all for sure can outrun them all.

To make a donation simply buy a Terry Fox Run T-Shirt only cost RM25.00. Every year money raised from the Run is donated to cancer research organization in Malaysia. Where to buy the t-shirts pls go to this website

What... you never heard about Terry Fox?? Check out this link to find out about him.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Joejo's raya gathering

Small gathering at Joejo's place in Keramat last thursday to welcome home Jawa back for raya break from Dublin. Attendees were Jawa, Bandit, Mat Gan, Mat Kong, Wan Jack, Faiz, Cicit, Boot & me. Semua datang solo, except for Jawa came with his wife & Mariam his 5th child. So, kira Mawar pegang record la paling ramai anak in our batch. Thanks to Joejo for the great food!

Mawar always cheerful

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Batch Buka Puasa

Dear all,
We had the batch buka puasa yesterday (30 Sept 07) at Ison’s Shoru Restaurant in Kelana Jaya. The batch buka puasa was a successful event.
“The batch buka puasa was a successful event..” hmmmm how could you quantify the success or even justify such a statement…
By virtue of attendance? 29 attended!
6 x Alpha: Amril, Bandit, Mat Gan, Bear, Ison + wife, Ala Usat
2 x Bravo: Budin, Jason
4 x Charlie: Acun + Amir, Gegek, Yusmal + date, Nazril + wife
4 x Delta: Faiz, Kerbau, Bean, Jakpo + anak
2 x Eagle: Mandela, Ohm
4 x Foxtrot: Kam, Mat Yep + wife, Katun, Kappy
4 x Golf: Mat Kong, Joejo, Achot, Mat Ten
3 x Hotel: Boot, Upiq, Kebu
So, was 29 enough to cause havoc at Shoru.. unfortunately not.. being the fasting month, the guys were reserved.. that was until Budin arrived.. yup, Budin came wearing a jacket.. QUESTION: WHY? Pasal dia pakai uniform AirAsia kat dalam jacket tu.. nothing wrong with AirAsia’s uniform, the only thing wrong was Budin, being a senior engineer had more stripes on his appalet then an admiral! Malu nak tujuk rank atas bahu dia.. when Ison and Mat Kong saw this, that was the end of Budin.. habis satu malam kena kutuk.. and bila Mat Kong start mengutuk, maka hilanglah kedamaian/ketenangan senja Ramadhan..
Personally, I was happy to see Kebu… “Mr Loan Approver of Maybank Finance”.. been quite some time since I’ve seen him.. Nampak sihat/tegap lagi-lah.. masih tak boroi.. on the subject of boroi, basically, everone as grown a tummy.. yang masih maintain- Amril Azuan, Ala Usat, Nazril, Kerbau, Ohm, Joejo, Kappy, Kebu and me.. (yeah right.. but what the hell, I’m the one spending his lunch time writing this- so I can write whatever I want!!)
OK.. fictional BS aside, and talking about boroi, glad to see that the guys were still talking about running, cycling, futsal and badminton…(in short, a sign that we would still be having the same number attending in 30 years time).. Upiq just did his walk up Goh Thong Jaya- We're proud of you dude!! Gegek wants to start cycling (on-life lah, sejak tahun lepas kecoh nak start kayuh, sampai sekarang bontot keding dia tu tak pernah merasa duduk atas saddle!) And Mat Gan had a great time describing Budin’s jump smash during their weekly badminton session..
Glad to also see that the girls were busy chatting..
By virtue of collection? We collected almost Rm1,000..
We have ordered food for 23pax, and actual attendance was 33.. so, we paid the RM 575 to Ison and agreed that the remainder of the collection would go to our donation drive for under privileged children. But then again, some did not pay the RM 25 charged, they paid more.
Bottomline- RM 1695 was collected, RM575 was paid to Ison’s staff for the wonderful food prepared (also TQ Ison for partially sponsoring the grub).. RM1120 balance will be distributed accordingly to the children. There were also donations coming in earlier from batchmates who are out of KL.. to date, total collection is:
T’fered trust account 650
Collection semalam 1120
Collection Joejo 350
TOTAL 2120
Note: collection semalam banyak pasal ada diantara kita yang buat collection kat office masing-masing for this donation drive.. To those who have gone above and beyond, may the kindness shown and effort put into our cause be rewarded, if not to you, then, may it be on your family..
I know that Low wont be too happy with me mentioning this in public, but FYI, everytime we do this donation drive, LT Loong would always be the first to donate! Low, if you are reading this, the organizers of the drive would like to salute you, not only for your generosity, but also for your quick response… TQ Bro..
OK, back to the donation drive.. how will the money be spent? We have identified 5 houses(orphanages). 2 x Gombak, 1 x Setapak, 1 x Rawang and 1 x Puchong. A few of us will coordinate the drive for the Rawang and Puchong houses. And the rest of us will sort out the houses in Gombak and Setapak.
We will contact the Pengetua Rumah and seek their advice of what provision is needed. Provisions may range from sugar, milk, sardines, milo etc.. we will do our best, with the amount collected, to buy the goods requested to the houses. Note that there maybe some limitations: e.g. no storage space in the premises (overload from donations received) or some items may expire quickly.
Faced with these problems, we MAY, simply give cash donations or use the money collected to do a berbuka puasa for the kids. Based on our outing in Negeri Sembilan last year, these kids love KFC.. so, if we do have a berbuka puasa, it would be KFC again.. at the end of the day, we want to put smiles on those faces!
OK.. itu saja report untuk sekarang.. sesiapa yang berminat nak join the donation drive or berbuka puasa at the Gombak/Setapak houses, please let us know.. it’ll be good if you could join us.. spend some time with the children.. share experiences, offer advice, be a friend… or what we could learn from them..
(reported by Bandit)