Sunday, December 30, 2007


OK.. enough of 'feeling catchers' on 2007.. now lets start talking about 2008..

January 2008-
jom kayuh!!! aku target nak buat kayuhan century (century ride) 19 January!! Century ride means kita akan kayuh lebih dari 100km... aku nak cadangkan kita buat dari Putrajaya to Bagan Lalang..

we'll also be starting our batch lunch.. as for venue.. ananti aku consult Acun..

February 2008-
Jom kita sokong kawan-kawan yang akan take part in IRONMAN LANGKAWI- in short lets go to LANGKAWI.. last year, bean and ala did their Ironman.. this year, MAYBE, they'll be doing it AGAIN.. Ala, Budin and I have made plans to go there on the 22-24 Feb.. trust me, it'll be fun!!

March 2008-
Batch trip cum bike ride.. aku nak cadangkan kita pergi kayuh basikal ke MELAKA.. bertolak pagi sabtu, and malam sabtu, kita sewa chalet kat Umbai.. malam tu belasah seafood!! next day kayuh balik.. those yang tak minat nak kayuh, no problem.. kita RV aje kat umbai.. itu cuma cadangan...


Praise be to God for another wonderful year with family and friends..

The kids are older by a year, work experiences too.. grey hair sprouting.. the waist, an inch or two bigger.. and even one less year of installment on the car..

Take some time to reflect.. what have you done to make yourselves better in 2007? Are you a better person? A better father? Son? Husband? Employee? Boss? Driver? Golfer? Cyclist?

We’re gonna be 34 next year. Are we where we’re suppose to be? Seperti biasa, ada yg terlebih (terlebih berat?) and ada yang terkurang (lack of good deeds)..

Whatever it is… selamat tahun baru.. semoga 2008 will bring more joy and happiness.. yang kurang sihat, semoga lebih sihat.. yang banyak duit, ingat-ingatlah untuk melabur sikit untuk masa depan…

Thank you for the great 2007!! See you in 2008…Bandit

Bt 18 to Teratak Tekala

Unlike last year we did Century ride to end 2006, this year to end year 2007 we did 33km easy ride from Batu 18 Hulu Langat to Teratak Tekala. There were 5 of us (Budin, Boot, Bandit, Ala & me) plus another 2 UPNM students and one of them is an OP.
near Semenyih dam... Bandit is showing off his new bike

Friday, December 7, 2007

Picture of RMC taken from spy satellite

One of the enemy target for producing biological defense system, the NFL.... Nation's Future Leaders.