Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Dear all,

There were some positive response for a call to play touch rugby at Padang Utara on 2/1/2011 from the rugby boys. We'd like to extend the invite to anyone interested. Details as below:

Time/Date: 0745-0900hrs Sunday 2/1/2011

Venue: Padang Utara

Contact person: Bandit- 012 7760655

Note # 1- don't worry about your fitness level, the OPA Rugby Team are not a fit bunch either, they managed to win the game against MCOBA a few weeks back because the Kuala Kangsar Girls decided to play in their high heels, instead of rugby boots! hahahaaa..

Note # 2- Padang Utara is easily accesible via LRT, stop at AsiaJaya Station and walk 500m (pass by Hussien Onn Eye Hospital).

Note #3- I'm off to Pertama Kompleks during lunch time to buy a pair of boots! Hahaha..

Please forward this email to your batch and othe OP related lists..

OP Azly
(87-91 Alpha)

P/S post has been updated after lunch

Friday, December 17, 2010


Some photos during OP-PP Games last Sunday.

Only 6 of us at the OP-PP last weekend. 2 A coy, 2 E coy & 2 F coy. Kompeni lain yg tak hantar wakil semua ambik 10.

Monday, December 13, 2010



Commence quote:

"Dear OP's

Last Saturday (11/12/2010) was the final match of 2nd Division between OPA &
MCOBA. The final result was OPA Rugby 21 - MCOBA 10.

The game started at 3.30 under the hot sun. Our team was down to 2 tries from
MCOBA. But we managed to pullback one under post try from our one and only OP
Ismadi Ismail (93 C coy - OPA Rugby Team Manager).

We gathered and changed our
tactical game in the second half. We managed to get 2 tries in the second half.
FYI, all our tries were under post tries (It makes our Stand-off @ Flyhalf task
in kicking conventions easier. Hehehehehe). There was a time in the 2nd half
that we conceded up to 5 penalties in our 22 meter line. But we managed to
defend well with discipline and full effort.

Kudos to OP Rahisham @ Achot (93 C coy - OPA Rugby Captain) for leading our team in the final match.

Congratulations to all players for their effort and commitment during this
league. FYI yesterday during our annual OP-PP games, there was a prize giving
ceremony presentation and announcement on our achievement.

Tajul Josalmin Tajul Ariffin
OPA Rugby Vice - Captain
97-2000 B"

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

OPPP Itinerary

Hi everyone,

The OPPP Game Itinerary is as follows (TQ OP Capt Abdul Aziz Abdullah for forwarding the details):


1. 0800-0900 - Pendaftaran: Dewan Tun Templer
2. 0800-1400 - Karnival Golf dimulakan: KGMTD
Abseiling/Repelling: Tapak Abseiling
3. 0930-1200 - Menembak M 16 dan Pistol: Lapang Sasar B Kem Sg Besi
Bola Tampar: Gelanggang Bola Tampar UPNM
Sepak Takraw: Gelanggang Sepak Takraw MTD
4. 1230-1310 - Makan Tengahari: Dewan Makan Putera
5. 1310-1400 - Sembahyang Zohor/Rehat: Surau Maktab
6. 1500-1600 - Hoki: Padang Hoki 1 RAMD
Bola Sepak: Padang Bola Sepak UPNM
7. 1615-1740 - Ragbi Padang: Ragbi UPNM
8. 1745 - TarikTali OP-PP: Padang Ragbi UPNM
9. 1800 - Penutup dan Penyampaian Hadiah: Padang Ragbi UPNM
10.1830 - Jamuan dan Bersurai
Tiupan Bugler

Monday, December 6, 2010


Dear all,

Quick announcement:

OPPP GAMES for 2010 will on 12/12/2010- Sunday.

Royal 8ths are planning to be there during the evening- ie rugby time.

Hope to see you all there.

Also, OPA will be conducting a career talk for the PPs on 13/12/2010- evening. Siapa yang free, please join. I have proposed to OPA that we do small booths so that PPs can have private Q&A sessions.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Selamat Pengantin Baru!

Guys, let’s wish our friend Penyu & his wife a marriage filled with love & joy. Attendees: Mat Yep & partner, WanJack & wife, Upiq, Budin & me were solo, while Bandit brought his kids along. We had good food & great time together. Do not forget another Rebellican wedding in December ;)


IMG_4010IMG_4015IMG_4006 IMG_4017 IMG_4019 IMG_4020 IMG_4021IMG_4026 IMG_4039

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Adreana Zahrah bte Mohd Riza

Hi all,

This is Adreana Zahrah Bte Mohd Riza, birthday 10-10-10..

My apologies for the delay in updating this.. I had problems downloading the photo to my PC.

On that note, on behalf of the Batch, Azura & Mat Gan, congrats on the arrival of Adreana..

Monday, September 20, 2010

Eryna Balqis Binti Syahrul Nizam

Dear all,

This beautiful young lady is the daughter of Syahrul Nizam @ Mat Kong.

And before anyone makes any wise as remarks, let me the first to say "thank goodness she has the mother's skin and hair!"..

Mat Kong and Farah, on behalf of the Royal 8ths, congrats! Welcome to the realm of fatherhood/motherhood!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Dear all,

A quick announcement of our Doc Hisyam's @ Ala Usat's safe return from his humanitarian mission in Pakistan.

He got back on the first day of Syawal, went over to visit him and his family later that evening. Happy to report that he is physically OK.. but I guess after any humanitarian mission, one must not discount the emotional scars.. he showed me a photo of one of his patients, a toddler who was literally in a 'skin and bones' condition..

Well, Doc's next mission is the December Do..
opppsss.. did I let the cat out of the bag?

Anyway, welcome home Bro.. you've done us proud!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Wishing all readers, KOPs, OPs and Royal 8ths:


kepada junior kami, halalkanlah grub yang kami palun,
kepada senior kami yang buruk lantak & tibai grub kami, kami halalkan.. (ironic?)

kalau ada posting yang menyinggug, kami pun nak mintak maaf,
kami ni nakal sikit, tapi tak jahat.. kena justify nama REBELLICA..

kami juga berharap Tuan/Puan semua akan selamat pulang ke kampung,
dan return trip, semasa nak balik ke bandar, kamipun harap perjalanannya selamat..

kepada geng '388', have a good break...
kepada yang buat open house, ajaklah MEMBERRRRR...

The Royal 8th Thoroughbred

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Buka Puasa @ RABEKA

With OP Farouk Khalid at the helm, a few of us volunteered to dedicate our upcoming run at the Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) to the kids at Rumah Amal Belaian Kasih (RABEKA). In doing so, we hope to raise funds for this orphanage.

RABEKA is situated in Ukay Perdana. It has occupies 4 double storey terrace houses, to accommodate around 40-50 kids, aged 3-17.

To date, we've managed to collect over RM1k, of which (for transparency purposes) RM330 was from the Royal 8th's Buka Puasa Gathering and another RM300 from an OP in Johor. With your help, we hope to raise more..
Last Saturday, we had a simple Buka Puasa at RABEKA. We had a generous donor who gave RM1k cover the Iftar. At the children's request the menu was:
** Laksa
** Roti John (man, these kids LOVE roti john!)
** Oranges (the first thing that finished!)
** McD's fries (goes well with roti john, I guess)
** McD's strawberry sundae (the highlight of Iftar!)

Laksa, McD fries and sundae..
We also got cakes (one baked by Farouk's wife @ Puan Afniza, one sponsored by a lady at my office and another by one of the runners). Another runner donated ayam percik. An officemate donated 2 huge bottles of cordial (after hearing, that sometimes, these kids berbuka with air kosong). My boss at the office donated a hamper.. (as a show of gratitude and again, for transparency purposes, I am doing these 'shout-outs' to the donors)
Cakes + Kids = Smiles

Laksa rocks too..

But the star of the evening were the kids, and the highlight for us were their smiling faces.

Some of the kids

While these 2 guys made me smile with their cute antics,
I couldn't help but feel sad, knowing that they are without
parents or born into poverty.

Blessed be the caretakers, who gave dedication and attention
to these kids.
We hope to give you more updates on the Run 4 RABEKA project.. you can find us on FB under Run 4 RABEKA, and if you would like to know more about the RABEKA, please visit: http://www.rabeka.org/
In attendance: Farouk + Family, Jabir + Family, Bandit + sons, Kam & KOP + Family

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mr Oi's Funeral

Budin and I just got back from Mr Oi Loh Kah's funeral. There were other OPs in attendance, including our Putera Sarjan Richard Boak.

There were many who came to pay their last respects, I didn't count how many,but safe to say, even if MBPJ doubled the chairs at the crematorium, there'll still be people standing!

Here's a cut & paste job in memory of the Mr Oi:

"OP Nordin Manan (70/73C):

Mr Ooi Loh Kah was one of our teachers in the 70s with a long and illustrious contribution to our Alma Mater, the Royal Military College, in the field of education and sports.
My particular memory of him was when I returned to the college in the 80s as a new golfer playing in RMC Golf Club [also known as "Kelab Golf Pi Mai" because of its rough terrain] and he was fishing for "ikan haruan" with rod and frog as bait.
I am a bit partial to haruan fishing so I asked him if I could borrow his rod and cast a few. I put down my clubs and had a go and lo and behold I caught one with my first cast!
He looked at me and said "I have been here since three o'clock and haven't caught a thing and you catch one with your first cast, so ong [Chinese for good luck] la you Nordin"
May he rest in peace and condolences to his family particularly his son OP Mark Ooi who plays his rugby for Cobra."

OP Alan Siew (57/59E):
Allow me to add another bit to Ooi Loh Kah history.
He was trained at Brinsford Lodge Teachers College, Wolverhampton ,a year junior to me but a personal friend. He does not show any air in his posture whenever he talks with anyone, was very humble, gives his views rationally and never in an affrontal manner. The later characteristic made him many friends. We were both in the Physical Education option, and enjoyed all games whenever we went to play against other colleges and High Schools. I was very glad to know that he was sent to teach in RMC although I was sent to Kelate after we returned from England.
Rest in peace, dear friend."

But Mark Oi, his son, said it best, during the service today:

"he was a quiet man, but he was a do-er. Less talk, more action".

And from this attitude, his boys dominated MSSWP Rugby.

Thank you, Sir, for your contributions to the RMC. The old guards always talk about their 'mat salleh' teachers, but the Royal 8ths are proud to have our Pak Oi and Mak Oi!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Royal 8th salutes our Muhamad Noorhisyam B Salleh Ajak @ DOC ALA USAT, who will be going on a humanitarian mission to Peshawar, Pakistan to aid the flood victims.

He will be one of the 40 doctors who volunteered under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' JV with the Malaysian Red Crescent Society. His mission will last for 7 to 10 days, departure on Friday evening, expected to come back on the first day of Raya..

A few years back, we had Razi Pahlavi B Abdul Aziz @ BOOT serving as a volunteer for the MERCY MISSION in Palestine..

May such humanitarian efforts continue.

Bro, selamat pergi, dan selamat kembali..


Mr Oi Loh Kah Passed Away

This letter was emailed earlier:

Dear OPs,

I received an email from a batchmate informing me of this terrible news, and have just got off the phone with Mark Oi, to confirm the details.

Mr Oi, or Pak Oi, as he's fondly remembered, passed away earlier this morning at HUKM due to kidney failure. He has recently underwent an operation, which led to this complication.

Allow me to stroll down memory lane, and to perhaps introduce the Oi family to OPs from other generations.

The Ois were sports teachers in RMC from the 70s to the early 90s.

I'm sure many of you remember your first swimming lessons with Puan/Ma'am/Mak Oi. Coming out of the changing room at the RMC pool, wearing the swimming trunks with the gold buckles that you got from TKR. And her telling you to hold the pool ledges as you start kicking to her count 'one-two, one-two, one-two'.

The first time, as a form 1, when you awkwardly held a rugby ball, and Pak Oi telling you that you have to run forward, but the ball could only travel backwards. The Monday morning results announcements. And how many MSSWP rugby championships were won under his guidance.

The presence of Mark Oi and later his brother, whom most of us seniors couldn't remember the name, and simply call Adik Oi. Both brother were good in sports. Mark is a pilot and you can often see him bulldozing the rugby field during the OPPP Games.

I have to admit, I really felt the loss. Feeling a bit depressed.

Rest in peace, Sir.

Wake will be tonight and tomorrow at PJ. I'm planning to attend the Wake tomorrow. Funeral service will be on Friday. Will keep you posted on details.

Please forward this sad news to other RMC related email lists. Details shall also be posted on the batchblog. Www.royal8th.blogspot.com

OP Azly Anwar 87-91 Alpha

Monday, August 23, 2010


Nothing much to report actually..

In attendance:
ALPHA- Amril, Bandit, Mat Gan & Bear
BRAVO- Budin & Kitol
CHARLIE- Upat, Acun, Cicit, Gegek & Yusmal
DELTA- Low, Abeng (& tunang), Wan Jack,
EAGLE- Auk & Mandela
FOXTROT- Mat Yep, Penyu, Kam, Zamri & Bai
GOLF- Mawar, Mat Kong, Mat Ten, Achot, Joejo
HOTEL- Boot, Upiq, Kebu

sup tulang/ekor/peruk/kambung/rusuk kambing/puyuh etc etc
rojak ayam
mee bandung
kuey teow
nasi lemak

Collection that shall be donated for the Run4Rabeka campaign: RM330

The photos below elaborates everything else.. an event filled with smiles and laughter.. there were some serious discussions, including a lecture from Low to Gegek on emergency landing procedure..

There were also the usual amusing one-liners, namely the Ganeswaran classic: "Roland tak lari, dia bounce!"

TQ Kam for the pics..

Batch Buka Puasa Gathering

At Jalan Doraisamy on 23rd August 2010.IMG_2798