Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another one Bites The dust!

I hope you are in the best of health and enjoying your long Chinese New Year weekend. Chinese New year coincided with Valentine's day, or in some people's case (mine included)it is also known as the Single's appreciation Day.

Anyhow, I celebrated my New Year with my batch mates whom were born in the year of the tiger.( I'm a rabbit...born a year later)
One of our tiger decided to get married on this day.
Hasnizam Hashim or OP Ilam is one of the more quieter fella among us and it was a wonderful surprise when we were invited for his wedding. A soft spoken and rather unassuming guy, he was one of the last few of the batch mates from my RMC class who has yet to tie the knot.

We were all happy and pleased with him.
Speaking of pleased and knot, some of my batch mates weren't too happy when they got to know about my situation.
I got the usual tongue lashing and the usual "I told you so", "She was always going to screw you up man...." and I thought that I thoroughly deserved it.
Serve me right for falling in love with a married woman!
Another long story...

My batch mates wanted me to be back on my feet right now and get my life sorted out. They want the old ironman doc and the hard partying skirt chasing guy to be back on his feet. I guess I have been neglecting and ignoring my friends lately.
I am sorry fellas.
I am sorry nenek (mum) and Atuk for the one year heart ache that I have caused.

To Awah and Atiyah, you don't have to worry about calling auntie mummy anytime soon.
She has moved to Johor and we won't be seeing her.
Yes Awah, I miss her too.

Warm regards.


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