Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Royal 8th in Gazza

On January the 20th, an email arrived at my inbox..

The email was simply titled "The Mission", it came from one of my Royal 8th brothers.. extract of the email reads..

"...I will be going to Rafah and maybe entering Gazzah soon... and will be there for about 15 days.. Job scope.. to establish and setup a proper medical disaster relief operation (field hospital) and logistic for the following missions... ...Honestly, though I've been in so many international humanitarian disaster missions... but this one I ada rasa nervous and frankly a bit takut.. But the heart is there already... ...BUT Just in case if anything happen or I couldnt make it back to KL... I mintak maaf banyak banyak kalau ada salah and silap..."
My stomach churned!

I instantly remember the poem line that was recited during a Choral Speaking Competition back in 1990 :
Into the mouth of hell, Into the jaws of death, Rode the six hundred..

I sat and wondered, he has everything.. a good job, a loving family, comfortable house.. why risk it all? why go to a country that is undergoing a 'fragile ceasefire'? The Israelis could attack anytime.. And during the previous session, they don't give a damn about what gets hits.. UN building, civilians, children.. why risk it all?

I diplomatically called him a HERO.. and posted to the email groups that I am in, telling everyone of his sacrifice.. but being a fool I am, I still could not understand WHY WOULD HE RISK IT ALL...

My question was answered when one of the guys who read my mail wrote:

"we are really very proud of you. Don't be scared. Allah have chosen you for this duty and certainly only who knows what is best for us all. perform your duty with sincerity for only Allah's sake and you would reap the handsome rewards in the world after"..

I now understand.. It was FAITH! It was his CALLING!

It then all adds up.. it was fated that would be chosen.. everything happens for a reason.. as he was the best person that MERCY feels in leading the mission.. the call was made on him.. the duties on his shoulders.. and as a Muslim, Malaysian as a HUMAN.. he answered the call, the responsibility, the trust and the faith put upon him..

And in turn, he gave trust and faith to GOD, for the strength to lead, for the clarity of heart and mind to execute his duties, for the safety of him and his team, for the success of the mission..

I now understand...

OP Razi Pahlavi Abdul Aziz @ Boot, I now understand why you risked it all..

And I know that you are not the sort of person who likes this kind of publicity.. but:
1) Upiq, Kam, Ala and I have volunteered to the task of maintaining the batch's chronicthis is part of the batch's history.
2) the likes of Mat Jaid in US, Papa & Bull in the middle east, Mahin in Mexico and Kums in UK would like to know the batch's happenings..
3) This is not just a dedication to you, but also to those who have contributed to 'devloping' you as a person. To your mom and dad, your wife and family, your teachers and educators (the likes of Cikgu Adnan, Capt Ambi, Lt Fauziah, Mej Manaf, Capt Sahar, Capt Yusoff, Capt Hassan, Miss Goh, Miss Shobha, Cikgu Ismail, Cikgu Hairul (HABASH), Pak & Mak Ooi, Col Ghani, PW1 Ibrahim, Stap Rani, Stap Muniandy.. ). Congrats parents/family and teachers.. this is the fruit of your labour.

Anyway, my dear brother- selamat pergi, selamat kembali.. we like the rest of those who know you offer our prayers for the safety of you and your team, and well as the successful completion of your mission..


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gathering Malam Esok

Dear all,

Mahindra is back in town.. FYI, he's currently a pilot for Korean Air, is currently on leave, PRIOR to leaving Korean Air to fly small planes in MEXICO.. He now wants to be a dive master cum dive instructor cum tourist guide cum sea-plane pilot... FYI he is also a qualified Yoga instructor and an avid rock climber...

A simple gathering is planned to welcome back our Brother before he embarks on his next adventure:

Venue: NZ Corner- Wangsa Maju

Date/ Time: 9 Jan 09.. Friday.. 2130hrs


Dear all,

please make effort to attend this initiative from the OPA:

Date: Saturday 17th January 2009.

Commencing Time : 10.30 hrs.

Venue : OPA Penthouse.

Topic : " How to survive when you are down "

Audience : All OPs , OP's wives , OPs Children.

Call OPA Office to confirm your attendance: 03-78591924 or 03-78463110

OP Abdul Wahab Jaafar Sidek, Ex-F Company, '64 - '67 was OPA Honorary Treasurer for 16 years and has been a strong supporter of the OPA. He feels strongly about helping other OPs and this is his way of making his contribution.

OP Wahab will relate his experiences over the past 25 years from a practicing Chartered Accountant to Entreprenuer and later on serving the Country in his last job with the Minority Shareholder Watchdog Group.


Dear all,

Please join me in congratulating Mazli 'Mandela' & Fil, and Rafiq 'Upiq' & Yom for their latest additions.. ANOTHER BOY for Mandela.. and a BABY GIRL for Upiq..

Tahniah to all..