Thursday, June 9, 2011


Dear all,

The match report is taken from the OPA Facebook page, and written by OP Azizan ("Tom") (85-89H). I am sure that this piece of news is somewhat refreshing, more interesting and merrier, in comparison to the headlines of bribery and immigration :

OPA Hockey debut match in KLHA Div 4 vs Havenger : 2 - 1

It was a debut game in KLHA, very much inspired by OP Rezal H'93 Pakeeza's sponsored new outfit - Black Lotto . On behalf of all players and members of OPA Hockey ...our sincere Thank you .

Gratitude to fellow OP members who were @ d stadium to lend support, and all well wishers from OPs (in FB) prior to our debut game . Spirit and morale were high ,... evident in all coming in time for the warm ups and the 'discipline' in game trough out.

The fixture did us a favor having us playing Havengers (LaSalle Pj OB), still it was a nervous start in first ten minutes but, it was a tight discipline game as charted by OP Shazly Khan (90-94E). OP Omar Sharif (Ohm) (87-97 E) scored the 1st goal but tragedy struck soon afterwards to OP Atoy (am not sure of real name and intake ) as he had concussion after being hit by a deflected ball. Play was suspended nearly 35 minutes, and the 2 doctors playing (OP Raja Ahmad Sharul (86-90D) & OP Azmeel) were there to attend to Atoy.

OP Chai (am not sure of real name and intake )scored d 2nd fm a good lay out by OP Azril Omree Hasbullah(Bond) (87-91E) and scoreline was 2 -0 at halftime. 2nd half was a copycat from the earlier half , just that we failed to create some decent attempts. A lapse in defense allowed them to claw back with a goal and it was a nervous last 10 mins .

Still, it was a tight and discipline game to ensure a 3 points in the beg.

Percentage of S/Corner was 0/3 , and maybe OP Shazly Khan will need to improve on this. Outstanding player (my pick) was OP Bainun/ OP Azmeel, but the whole team deserved credit for the 3 points gain.

Updates on OP Atoy is that he had regained consciousness, awaiting scans and we had made all efforts to inform his family. To OP Atoy, we wish u a speedy recovery, and we would be glad to dedicate this win and the 3 points to you.

Welldone Boyz !!
-OP Tom-

As this is a batch blog, I'd like to give a GEMPUR WIRA to Royal 8ths involved:
OP Ohm (first goal scorer)
OP Bond (assisted in setting goal)
OP Upiq (team manager)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Royal 8th's 20th Anniversary Gathering


Please note that the tentative date for the Royal 8th's 20th Anniversary Gathering is 29-30 Oct 2011 (2d1n event).

Venue- Raub Pahang. Activities 4x4 off road, BBQ and 1hour stand-up comedy entertainment by Gegek. Note, due to logistical and budget constraints, there'll be NO PAINTBALL, but we'll play EJECT instead (please get Isma to come to re-live the HENTIKAN!!! incident).

It'll be a REBELLICAN ONLY event- no wives, kids, girlfriends, jambus, bibiks, drivers or secretaries please)!

And to make sure that you guys behave, Alpha Company shall be on duty, with Mat Gan as Duty SUO, Bear Duty JUO and myself as Duty Sarjan.. Ala shall be detailed to cover all religious matters. Amril shall be singing his one hit wonder "antara berjuta bintang di langit..". Ucop is still on Attend B due to his braces. Ison will be the entertainment.. oppps, I meant will be providing the entertainment.. Ilam will supply the goat, and Akai should hopefully make it (chibai.. Kalau buat gathering kat Raub and he can't make it, memang idle gila Alpha Company!!)

And if you want someone to abuse, we'll try to locate Balwinder..

We are in the midst of finalizing the costing. 

Pls spread the word around. We'll keep you all posted via FB, batch mailing list and batch blog.