Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kayuh di Kemensah (27 May 2007)

Last weekend, Budin, Kam, Bandit & Hakim (junior) pergi berkayuh di Kemensah. On that weekend, muka-muka biasa tak turun pasal diaorang pergi Kenyir Triathlon. RV at 0730 kat Kampung Kemensah. Because Ala (Doc Hisyam) was not around, we decided that the ride should be a casual one.

Persiapan untuk kayuh.. Budin tengah check back pack and Bandit tengah tunggu..

The route headed to Lumbuk Tedung. It was a casuat ride, so we completed only 30% of the distance. Highest point of the ride.. with Budin 'wanted' to go further, and Bandit 'agreed' but Kam and Hakim had enough.. (or was it the other way around?)

We rode down to Isi Rimba where we had our Family Day.. had breakfast and berendam.. check out the man-breast.. wooohooooo... Photo says it all..

Photo credits: Kam

Mosque Order 1991

Surrounding Commandant Boy- Mawardi "Jawa" Abu Bakar after Friday Prayers in 1991.

A question: We can understand Mahindra wearing his No 3.. But why was Cairil "Ucop" Anuar and Hermi "Bai" Edwar in No 3 Orders?

Note the shinny shoes of Fahmi "Penyu" Hashim, Razi "Boot" Pahlavi and Kam "Jagung" Kasturie (hint- the guy in corni-ish yellow).

Also note the one whose had his dreams come true- Azman "Cimon" Che Meh, now with Regimen Gerak Khas (Division/Section and whereabouts unknown- INFORMATION CLASSIFIED). We sleep easy knowing that you are out there protecting our country.

Photo courtesy of Mazli "Mandela" Mutalib.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Message from Kitol of WWF

UPDATE: event is at TASIK PERDANA (LAKE GARDENS), NOT titiwangsa.. everything else is as status quo..

WWF-Malaysia akan buat macam Amazing Race style event kat Tasik Perdana this Sunday (3/7/06). Ada 17 team masuk . Ada gerai jualan cenderamata WWF-Malaysia seperti t-shirt, car sticker, dan sebagainya. Start pagi at 8 - 1 petang. Datanglah beramai-ramai. Masuk percuma.

Royal 8th who have confirmed attendance for the event: Kitol, Budin, Kam, Ala, Lebet and Bandit..

Hope to see you guys there...

Monday, May 28, 2007


Dear all,

Aturcara bulan Jun & Julai adalah seperi berikut:

Taken from the OPA website:
- Annual Tahlil Thursday 14th June 2007 OPA Penthouse
- Annual General Meeting Saturday 16th June 2007 Shangrila Hotel
- Annual Dinner Saturday 16th June 2007 Shangrila Hotel
- Annual OP-PP Games Sunday 17th June 2007 RMC Sungai Besi
- Annual Golf Carnival Sunday 17th June 2007 RMC Golf Club

During OPPP Games, ada aktiviti baru, kepada yang berminat nak kayuh (berbasikal dengan PP), please contact Bandit..

Kepada yang berminat nak pergi dinner, please call Bandit to book your seats(RM150 pax). We almost have one table full.. 019 2201033. For more info:

B. PD Gathering 070707

There'll be a gathering scheduled in PD on the above date. Activities would include a bicycle ride from Sg Besi (RMC) to PD (FMC). To date, Royal 8ths keen to join are: Ala, Budin, Achot, Boot, Lebet and Bandit. Please note that this event is fully sponsored. For more info, call the organizing committee (012 6253623).

C. RETT (Royal 8th Tioman Trip)

July 12- RV Pudu Raya 2200 hrs (Bus Mersing- KL)
13/7- AM arrival Mersing, ferry to Tioman. Check in resort.. R&R… lunch.. after lunch, hike to waterfall. Evening beach football/voleyball.. BBQ dinner
14/7- snorkel session.. off to secluded island for half day.. BBQ dinner..
15/7- AM ferry to mersing, and return bus to KL at noon.. Evening arrival Pudu Raya

We will try to make the trip a close to an Annual Camp/Nasi Mentah enviroment. Please keep your diaries blocked for the above. More details(cost, to do list, etc) will be posted as soon as we get more info. Boot will be going to Tioman to recce the site.

D. PD Triathlon

Triathlon will be held at Admiral Marina. Ala, Kam and Lebet (ORANG BESI) will be doing a full Tri on 21 July. For more info, go to There will be other OPs taking part in the Tri, and there are the casual lot doing the sprint event (maybe): Budin, Achot and Bandit..

Kemensah Family Day (Pt 4- main tembak-tembak)

Bear, Upiq, Achot, Kerbau, Faiz, Papalatz, Bandit, Apat, Mat Gan & Budin

Yang dah balik: Ala (Doc Hisyam) & Mat Ten
Yang belum sampai: Mick Stone and Joejo

For the Paint ball session we were devided into Alpha, Bravo & Charlie Company VS Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf & Hotel Company.

Team ABC was led by Azwan 'the Bear' and Team DEFGH was led by Achot 'the lizard'. You can look at it as half full or half empty.. Half full being, under Achot's SUPREME LEADERSHIP, Team DEFGH won all 4 rounds.. or half empty, budak A Block memang lopong!
It was awesome to have a gathering again.. what more in a place the resembles a 'nasi mentah' camp site..

Till our next outing..

Photo credits: Upiq

Kemensah Family Day (Pt 3- swim session)

Dah panas badan makan kambing.. apa lagi berendamlah.. what else do you want? Good food, family and friends..

Please note, we were at the shallow end because (a) nak jaga budak-budak, (b) Budak G company take reti berenang

The smiles would tell you.. it was a good day..

Kemensah Family Day (Pt 2- makan session)

Some Royal 8ths are just Gentlemen.. after 4 years of wedding bliss, and still macam atas meja penggantin, suap-menyuap..

It's in the genes.. bapak suka kambing, anakpun suka kambing.. It's good to see that the friendship goes beyond one generation..

Doc giving a lecture why lamb baaaaddd for the tummy..

Kemensah Family Day 20 May 2007 (Pt 1- lamb's tale)

Inilah kambing korban Royal 8th.. crispy on the outside, juicy, sweet and tender on the inside.. in one word: "PERFECTION".. well done Isi Rimba crew.. you guys know your lamb!

Cuba teka.. siapa paling banyak makan kambing? Tinggal separuh siot...

Kerja dibawah kawalan ketat Tuan Presiden.. "Loponglah engkau Bandit.. apasal potong tebal sangat!!" Ketar tangan aku, dok mengelabah potong kambing pasal Tuan Presiden asyik dok scrutinize..

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Brilliant Idea Kam Kasturie

3 Members of the Royal 8th, Kam, Budin and myself were biking up(mountain biking) on the Kemensah Hills.. A junior (Hakim) was also with us..

We were talking about the photos taken during our recent Batch Family Day, and I asked Kam to download the photos sent mailing list into the album. Kam had a better idea- why not create a Blog for the batch.. we can download the pics there.. and 2 days later, thanks to Kam's suggestion.. here we are today.. the Royal 8th maiden blog posting..