Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Dear all,

There were some positive response for a call to play touch rugby at Padang Utara on 2/1/2011 from the rugby boys. We'd like to extend the invite to anyone interested. Details as below:

Time/Date: 0745-0900hrs Sunday 2/1/2011

Venue: Padang Utara

Contact person: Bandit- 012 7760655

Note # 1- don't worry about your fitness level, the OPA Rugby Team are not a fit bunch either, they managed to win the game against MCOBA a few weeks back because the Kuala Kangsar Girls decided to play in their high heels, instead of rugby boots! hahahaaa..

Note # 2- Padang Utara is easily accesible via LRT, stop at AsiaJaya Station and walk 500m (pass by Hussien Onn Eye Hospital).

Note #3- I'm off to Pertama Kompleks during lunch time to buy a pair of boots! Hahaha..

Please forward this email to your batch and othe OP related lists..

OP Azly
(87-91 Alpha)

P/S post has been updated after lunch

Friday, December 17, 2010


Some photos during OP-PP Games last Sunday.

Only 6 of us at the OP-PP last weekend. 2 A coy, 2 E coy & 2 F coy. Kompeni lain yg tak hantar wakil semua ambik 10.

Monday, December 13, 2010



Commence quote:

"Dear OP's

Last Saturday (11/12/2010) was the final match of 2nd Division between OPA &
MCOBA. The final result was OPA Rugby 21 - MCOBA 10.

The game started at 3.30 under the hot sun. Our team was down to 2 tries from
MCOBA. But we managed to pullback one under post try from our one and only OP
Ismadi Ismail (93 C coy - OPA Rugby Team Manager).

We gathered and changed our
tactical game in the second half. We managed to get 2 tries in the second half.
FYI, all our tries were under post tries (It makes our Stand-off @ Flyhalf task
in kicking conventions easier. Hehehehehe). There was a time in the 2nd half
that we conceded up to 5 penalties in our 22 meter line. But we managed to
defend well with discipline and full effort.

Kudos to OP Rahisham @ Achot (93 C coy - OPA Rugby Captain) for leading our team in the final match.

Congratulations to all players for their effort and commitment during this
league. FYI yesterday during our annual OP-PP games, there was a prize giving
ceremony presentation and announcement on our achievement.

Tajul Josalmin Tajul Ariffin
OPA Rugby Vice - Captain
97-2000 B"

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

OPPP Itinerary

Hi everyone,

The OPPP Game Itinerary is as follows (TQ OP Capt Abdul Aziz Abdullah for forwarding the details):


1. 0800-0900 - Pendaftaran: Dewan Tun Templer
2. 0800-1400 - Karnival Golf dimulakan: KGMTD
Abseiling/Repelling: Tapak Abseiling
3. 0930-1200 - Menembak M 16 dan Pistol: Lapang Sasar B Kem Sg Besi
Bola Tampar: Gelanggang Bola Tampar UPNM
Sepak Takraw: Gelanggang Sepak Takraw MTD
4. 1230-1310 - Makan Tengahari: Dewan Makan Putera
5. 1310-1400 - Sembahyang Zohor/Rehat: Surau Maktab
6. 1500-1600 - Hoki: Padang Hoki 1 RAMD
Bola Sepak: Padang Bola Sepak UPNM
7. 1615-1740 - Ragbi Padang: Ragbi UPNM
8. 1745 - TarikTali OP-PP: Padang Ragbi UPNM
9. 1800 - Penutup dan Penyampaian Hadiah: Padang Ragbi UPNM
10.1830 - Jamuan dan Bersurai
Tiupan Bugler

Monday, December 6, 2010


Dear all,

Quick announcement:

OPPP GAMES for 2010 will on 12/12/2010- Sunday.

Royal 8ths are planning to be there during the evening- ie rugby time.

Hope to see you all there.

Also, OPA will be conducting a career talk for the PPs on 13/12/2010- evening. Siapa yang free, please join. I have proposed to OPA that we do small booths so that PPs can have private Q&A sessions.