Monday, September 20, 2010

Eryna Balqis Binti Syahrul Nizam

Dear all,

This beautiful young lady is the daughter of Syahrul Nizam @ Mat Kong.

And before anyone makes any wise as remarks, let me the first to say "thank goodness she has the mother's skin and hair!"..

Mat Kong and Farah, on behalf of the Royal 8ths, congrats! Welcome to the realm of fatherhood/motherhood!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Dear all,

A quick announcement of our Doc Hisyam's @ Ala Usat's safe return from his humanitarian mission in Pakistan.

He got back on the first day of Syawal, went over to visit him and his family later that evening. Happy to report that he is physically OK.. but I guess after any humanitarian mission, one must not discount the emotional scars.. he showed me a photo of one of his patients, a toddler who was literally in a 'skin and bones' condition..

Well, Doc's next mission is the December Do..
opppsss.. did I let the cat out of the bag?

Anyway, welcome home Bro.. you've done us proud!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Wishing all readers, KOPs, OPs and Royal 8ths:


kepada junior kami, halalkanlah grub yang kami palun,
kepada senior kami yang buruk lantak & tibai grub kami, kami halalkan.. (ironic?)

kalau ada posting yang menyinggug, kami pun nak mintak maaf,
kami ni nakal sikit, tapi tak jahat.. kena justify nama REBELLICA..

kami juga berharap Tuan/Puan semua akan selamat pulang ke kampung,
dan return trip, semasa nak balik ke bandar, kamipun harap perjalanannya selamat..

kepada geng '388', have a good break...
kepada yang buat open house, ajaklah MEMBERRRRR...

The Royal 8th Thoroughbred

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Buka Puasa @ RABEKA

With OP Farouk Khalid at the helm, a few of us volunteered to dedicate our upcoming run at the Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) to the kids at Rumah Amal Belaian Kasih (RABEKA). In doing so, we hope to raise funds for this orphanage.

RABEKA is situated in Ukay Perdana. It has occupies 4 double storey terrace houses, to accommodate around 40-50 kids, aged 3-17.

To date, we've managed to collect over RM1k, of which (for transparency purposes) RM330 was from the Royal 8th's Buka Puasa Gathering and another RM300 from an OP in Johor. With your help, we hope to raise more..
Last Saturday, we had a simple Buka Puasa at RABEKA. We had a generous donor who gave RM1k cover the Iftar. At the children's request the menu was:
** Laksa
** Roti John (man, these kids LOVE roti john!)
** Oranges (the first thing that finished!)
** McD's fries (goes well with roti john, I guess)
** McD's strawberry sundae (the highlight of Iftar!)

Laksa, McD fries and sundae..
We also got cakes (one baked by Farouk's wife @ Puan Afniza, one sponsored by a lady at my office and another by one of the runners). Another runner donated ayam percik. An officemate donated 2 huge bottles of cordial (after hearing, that sometimes, these kids berbuka with air kosong). My boss at the office donated a hamper.. (as a show of gratitude and again, for transparency purposes, I am doing these 'shout-outs' to the donors)
Cakes + Kids = Smiles

Laksa rocks too..

But the star of the evening were the kids, and the highlight for us were their smiling faces.

Some of the kids

While these 2 guys made me smile with their cute antics,
I couldn't help but feel sad, knowing that they are without
parents or born into poverty.

Blessed be the caretakers, who gave dedication and attention
to these kids.
We hope to give you more updates on the Run 4 RABEKA project.. you can find us on FB under Run 4 RABEKA, and if you would like to know more about the RABEKA, please visit:
In attendance: Farouk + Family, Jabir + Family, Bandit + sons, Kam & KOP + Family

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mr Oi's Funeral

Budin and I just got back from Mr Oi Loh Kah's funeral. There were other OPs in attendance, including our Putera Sarjan Richard Boak.

There were many who came to pay their last respects, I didn't count how many,but safe to say, even if MBPJ doubled the chairs at the crematorium, there'll still be people standing!

Here's a cut & paste job in memory of the Mr Oi:

"OP Nordin Manan (70/73C):

Mr Ooi Loh Kah was one of our teachers in the 70s with a long and illustrious contribution to our Alma Mater, the Royal Military College, in the field of education and sports.
My particular memory of him was when I returned to the college in the 80s as a new golfer playing in RMC Golf Club [also known as "Kelab Golf Pi Mai" because of its rough terrain] and he was fishing for "ikan haruan" with rod and frog as bait.
I am a bit partial to haruan fishing so I asked him if I could borrow his rod and cast a few. I put down my clubs and had a go and lo and behold I caught one with my first cast!
He looked at me and said "I have been here since three o'clock and haven't caught a thing and you catch one with your first cast, so ong [Chinese for good luck] la you Nordin"
May he rest in peace and condolences to his family particularly his son OP Mark Ooi who plays his rugby for Cobra."

OP Alan Siew (57/59E):
Allow me to add another bit to Ooi Loh Kah history.
He was trained at Brinsford Lodge Teachers College, Wolverhampton ,a year junior to me but a personal friend. He does not show any air in his posture whenever he talks with anyone, was very humble, gives his views rationally and never in an affrontal manner. The later characteristic made him many friends. We were both in the Physical Education option, and enjoyed all games whenever we went to play against other colleges and High Schools. I was very glad to know that he was sent to teach in RMC although I was sent to Kelate after we returned from England.
Rest in peace, dear friend."

But Mark Oi, his son, said it best, during the service today:

"he was a quiet man, but he was a do-er. Less talk, more action".

And from this attitude, his boys dominated MSSWP Rugby.

Thank you, Sir, for your contributions to the RMC. The old guards always talk about their 'mat salleh' teachers, but the Royal 8ths are proud to have our Pak Oi and Mak Oi!