Tuesday, July 17, 2007

RMC ke FMC 070707

We did it!! All 95km of it!!

As part of the celebration for a few batches' anniversaries (including ours), the Royal 8th 'Tumpang' celebrate by taking part in the Cycling Event.. Originally, Budin, Achot, Bean and Doc Hisyam(Ala) was supposed to join, but due to work committments (apa nak buat- kerja dengan Airline) they couldn't make it.. Ala on the other hand was recovering from a back surgery, joined the event as support vehicle..

So, yang tinggal- Boot, Kam and Bandit..

We RV'ed at the RMC swimming pool at 0600hrs.. upon arrival, Acun was already there, sending off his brother Amir.. typical of Acun-ism, he gave an ever motivating speech to the boys- "Make sure you guys finish!!"..

Anyway, with those mativating words from Acun ringing in our ears and the water bottles (dapat water bottle PowerBar babe!!) and in our new jerseys.. we were good to go!! The flag off was at 0707hrs, 0707007!

At the starting point..

You guys still remember the morning runs the senior took us during weekend when we were in form one? ambik embun pagi, sapu kat kepala(note No 1 cut) in belief that it'll make our hair grow faster? Remeber the smell of grass and embun in RMC.. that morning, we had a trip down memory lane..

We cycled to Checkpoint 1, Bukit Tunggul, about 33km from RMC.. we had no problem with trafic as we had police escorts..

Resting at CP 1
Next section of the ride was nice.. teduh, flat and dekat! 25km to Bandar Sepang.. here's a shot of Boot in action:

Boot, on a personal note, aku respectlah kat engkau.. seluar kayuh baru beli the weekend before, and have never cycled more the 25km.. that day, you've outdone yourself.

And here's a photo of Bandit-the colour coordinated-- note of the yellow/orange/red on helmet, gloves, bike, jersey and socks!

The section after Sepang was difficult! Hills, hills and more hill at Bukit Pelanduk.. but we did it.. red sore asses, red burnt skin (noon sun!).. and in Bandit's case again.. it added more to his colour coordination fetish!
Oh yes.. you might have noticed that we did not have any photos of Kam riding.. FYI, Kam (maklumlah.. SUO) was most of the time in front (who did you think took the photos of Boot and Bandit??)
Opppsss.. dapat jugak gambar Kam in action.. thanks to OP Ee-Van (a.k.a. Stupe) for the photo..

And this was the guy that was fast enough to take Kam's photo.. OP Ee-Van.. you can also read about the ride in Ee-Van's personal blog (lagi banyak gambar!) at http://opstupe.blogspot.com/2007/07/8988km-rmc-pd-7-7-07r.html

Anyway, here's a photo of Kam and Bandit with Amir(adik Acun) and Shazly Khan during the rest area after Bukit Pelanduk!
We arrived at the PD GCC almost around 1300hrs.. estimated 5 hours of pedal power.. around 95km.. drank around 2 liters of isotonic drink.. but Boot and Bandit were non-the slimmer!!
After a quick lunch, shower and some chit chat.. we made our way home in the RMC bus.. the bikes were loaded in a 3 tonner! We got the medals.. we rode with friends.. there were smiles and laughter all the way, despite the heat and fatigue.. and most importantly, we arrived safely..
There was also a big dinner do that evening.. Joejo and Mat Ten(Penghulu Seremban) attended..

Our salute to the Kutu Batch for being the main organizers of the ride! Our salute to the likes of Ee-Van, Chipang and Shazly (juniors) for their brilliant contribution in logistic support.. and congrats to the 50 riders who completed the ride..


  1. Mana ada aku kat depan daaa... i was far behind Bandit & Boot. Mula-mula jer laju sebab semangat nak ambik gambar.

  2. Fuh, baru perasan i'm pimped in thsi blog.

  3. Stupe.. engkaukan IDOLA ramai anak dara dan anak teruna... it's an honour for us to have you in our blog...

  4. Kam...

    lu kena invest in road bike brother...

  5. well done to all who made it. Not to forget OP Dr Palani, a few years our junior. Tak pernah naik basikal tapi pinjam basikal bandit for this one.
    Doc: ala