Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Congratulations to Bandit!!

Congratulations to Bandit & Jas for their newborn son. Born in Gleneagles Specialist Jln Ampang last week. Gynaecologist was OP Dr Alex Matthews. The same doctor did cesarean section for my second child 4 years ago.

Nama boleh tahan canggih jugak... Akif Azkia b. Azly Ahmad Anwar... 5As. That's the Alpha Coy spirits, both sons nama start dgn huruf "A". Will get some pictures from Bandit to be put on this blog. Omedetou gozaimasu from all us!


  1. Congrats to Bandit & to his first-born boy Akif (5 As)! Tried to SMS tapi nampak tak ada response from Bandit when I first heard the news ...anyway well done OP.

  2. Tuan chief... it's his second born child sir. The first one also boy named Amirul. Dia bnyk sangat dapat SMS kot, tu sebb tak sempat nak balas.

  3. Datuk Dr Alex matthews is one of the humblest guy that I have ever worked with. I had the pleasure of working with (under him) as a junior doctor in 1998. I didnt knew he was an OP till one day he caught me wearing the college tie on one wednesday ward rounds. As an obstetritian, he is one of the safest pair of hands that I have seen.
    Doc Ala