Sunday, December 30, 2007


OK.. enough of 'feeling catchers' on 2007.. now lets start talking about 2008..

January 2008-
jom kayuh!!! aku target nak buat kayuhan century (century ride) 19 January!! Century ride means kita akan kayuh lebih dari 100km... aku nak cadangkan kita buat dari Putrajaya to Bagan Lalang..

we'll also be starting our batch lunch.. as for venue.. ananti aku consult Acun..

February 2008-
Jom kita sokong kawan-kawan yang akan take part in IRONMAN LANGKAWI- in short lets go to LANGKAWI.. last year, bean and ala did their Ironman.. this year, MAYBE, they'll be doing it AGAIN.. Ala, Budin and I have made plans to go there on the 22-24 Feb.. trust me, it'll be fun!!

March 2008-
Batch trip cum bike ride.. aku nak cadangkan kita pergi kayuh basikal ke MELAKA.. bertolak pagi sabtu, and malam sabtu, kita sewa chalet kat Umbai.. malam tu belasah seafood!! next day kayuh balik.. those yang tak minat nak kayuh, no problem.. kita RV aje kat umbai.. itu cuma cadangan...


  1. Tuan stupe, Op Bandit memang short sighted...cannot see very far.Dont worry, me and kam will keep u up to date on aktiviti lasak yang akan datang.
    Tuan Bandit, will probably join you for the century ride.Also will do the GE 30k run the next day.

  2. lagi 9 bulan dia suruh kita tambah...kehkeh

  3. aku hanya 'initiator'..

    aku campak a few ideas, and then engkauorang tokok tambahlah..

    tell me what you wanna do.. and I'll try to make it happen...

  4. bandit, its a good start, may also consider one of this year activity in scuba diving. maybe some of us have enough budget/time to pick up this interest this year?? we can target (if enough num) the merdeka dive which is held every year (during merdeka) as one of the batch's significant outing together...?