Sunday, February 17, 2008

Selamat Pengantin Baru

Sunday, 17th Feb 2008 is the day when we congregated to celebrate another rebellican wedding day. 10 years ago, we used to count how many have gotten married but yesterday, we were counting how many have to yet to marry. It was a come n go reception, thus, allowing us to do whatever we like in the wedding hall. I got there around 1440hrs and was glad to see many rebellicans were still there.

Bear, Kuek, Bean, Kerbau, Joejo and Mat Yep (ayammm....)

Kuek, gaya askar habis dan Abeng, cakap tak benti (pakai baju batik jawa totok siot). Abeng was in his immaculate behaviour sense sebab dia sorang jer yg datang with his father instead of a wife..!! Abeng ngan Mat Kong are now on top of the-most-available-bachelor list among the rebellicans.

Ala and kerbau catching-up on each other developments. Kam tgh melantak....

bandit and his clone...

Bapa contoh.... tapi perut tgh laparrr tuh....

muka innnocent habis...

Cicit came with his family. Kerbau, Jun and Joejo's boy.

Lepas makan, kitorang lepak kat luar. keluarga pengantin siapkan khemas khas untuk minum kopi and kuih-muih. More rebellicans came to the reception.

Pasangan pengantin baru...

Group photo.


  1. Faiz... I'm happy for you. Tapi ada org-org tu yg tgh bersedih...kua kua kua...hehehe

    Aku doakan semoga kekal ke akhir hayat....insyallah.

  2. Congratulations FAiz! Another one bites the dust.....I was wondering where the other klang valley folks were? If Im not mistaken only pilots and doctors worked on sundays. Me, bean and kerbau was excuses ni...

    Ala usat

  3. Upiq... lu kutuk Abeng dtg dgn bapak dia instead of a wife, terasa pulak aku. Coz my parents were there too sans my wife & kids. Btw, aku bukan melantak tapi carbo-loading. Decided to run the marathon's leg in Ironman Langkawi.

  4. alamak... sori kam...

    tapi ko punyer kes lain dari Abeng...

    Sejak dari dulu lagi Abeng datang function kita ngan bapak dia... Batch dinner kita pon bapak dia datang carik dia...!!!

    har har...

  5. Anak bapak la katakan...kihkih... jgn marah Abeng, nanti kena jual.

    no worries la Upiq... takde apa pun, bende dah nak jadi, it's beyond my control. thanks for the support guys!

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