Thursday, June 19, 2008

Update on Cikgu Adnan

Dear all,

Just to inform you that Cikgu Adnan has passed Khorat Region.. this means that he's almost at the Thai-Laos border! Hmmmm... close you eyes and imagine..

KL to Ipoh..(200++ km)

Ipoh to Penang..(100++ km)

Penang to Alor Setar.. (100 ++ km)

Alor Setar to Bkt Kayu Hitam.. (100++ km)

Bkt Kayu Hitam to Surath Tani.. (200++ km)

Surath Thani to Bangkok (400++ km)

Bangkok to Khorat (300++ km)

And now, with every downward push of the pedal, he gets closer to the Loas border!

Hmmmm.. around 1500km.. Makes you wonder, how much can a 60 year old body take? How strong, his desires must be..

Now, one thing I find facinating about this ride is that Cikgu does not use a speedometer.. this means that (with the exception of the sign boards and mile stones), Ciksu does not know how much further he has to pedal.. to totally different concept of cycling then what we are used to.. during the PD ride, we had the luxury of knowing that we were 10km to the next check point cum water station.. 10 km means 25 minutes..

I guess it's the journey, not the destination! The route is not marked by towns or check points, but instead, but memories of stalls he stops, of bus stands he shelters from the rain, of the curios questions that was asked by road side hawkers as he stops to refill his water bottle.. the journey.. an interesting concept..

If we were to apply it on our daily lives, it's not that I stayed in the office till 8 or 9pm.. it's more of, I submitted this report, I solved that problem, I closed this deal, I attended that meeting...

Sounds like the Aerosmith song.. Amazing:
Life's a journey - not a destination
And I just can't tell just what tomorrow brings

Cikgu, a toast to you who is THOUSANDS of kms away.. maybe resting your tired legs after another day of riding.. or maybe you're carbo loading to prepare for the next day..

May the journey be a good one..



  1. I heard that hilly area. Going uphill hundreds of kilometers. Superman betul lah Cikgu Adnan!

  2. do you want to borrow the book about the s'porean guy who cycled to Beijing? if you read it, you'd get a better idea of what Cikgu is going through.. kalau engkau nak, esok aku bawak! pls sms me to confirm