Sunday, November 16, 2008

We're still here..

Hi everyone..

A quick note to inform you that we're still here... we're still ALIVE.. however, there has been little group events.. hence minimal postings were made..

Speaking of group events, 2 'minor' events include- POWERMAN LUMUT.. Bean and Kam were scheduled to due the FULL POWERMAN- 11km run, 60km bike and 10km run.. however, Kam had severe food poisoning (muntah etc).. hence only Bean managed to qualify.. the Big Boys (Upiq, Boot, Budin and myself) were committed to do the Half distance.. Budin burnt out (having to climb Kinabalu for his office a few days before Lumut), and Boot was sent on an overseas assignment by his office (periuk nasi kena jaga).. so only Upiq and I crossed the finishing line..

The other event was the Penang Bridge Run(marathon).. Doc Hisyam and Kam went- both completed sub 6 hours, hence achieving Merits for the run.. ok.. translated into layman's term, go on the treadmill, pace yourself at 6km p/hr.. and do it for 6 hours!

Don't foresee any major events coming up till the year end.. most of us will be busy with the school holidays, finishing annual leave, family weddings, Raya Haji, Christmas break etc, etc..

Anyway- hope it's not too late to wish our Hindu friends a happy Deepavali, especially to Kums and Gegek.. I know Gegek (like on any weekend break) would head north to Taiping..

That all for now..


  1. Boss,

    6km/hr x 6 jam = 36 km. Marathon 42km - yes/No?

  2. wooopppsss.. so it's 7km/hr...