Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mr Oi Loh Kah Passed Away

This letter was emailed earlier:

Dear OPs,

I received an email from a batchmate informing me of this terrible news, and have just got off the phone with Mark Oi, to confirm the details.

Mr Oi, or Pak Oi, as he's fondly remembered, passed away earlier this morning at HUKM due to kidney failure. He has recently underwent an operation, which led to this complication.

Allow me to stroll down memory lane, and to perhaps introduce the Oi family to OPs from other generations.

The Ois were sports teachers in RMC from the 70s to the early 90s.

I'm sure many of you remember your first swimming lessons with Puan/Ma'am/Mak Oi. Coming out of the changing room at the RMC pool, wearing the swimming trunks with the gold buckles that you got from TKR. And her telling you to hold the pool ledges as you start kicking to her count 'one-two, one-two, one-two'.

The first time, as a form 1, when you awkwardly held a rugby ball, and Pak Oi telling you that you have to run forward, but the ball could only travel backwards. The Monday morning results announcements. And how many MSSWP rugby championships were won under his guidance.

The presence of Mark Oi and later his brother, whom most of us seniors couldn't remember the name, and simply call Adik Oi. Both brother were good in sports. Mark is a pilot and you can often see him bulldozing the rugby field during the OPPP Games.

I have to admit, I really felt the loss. Feeling a bit depressed.

Rest in peace, Sir.

Wake will be tonight and tomorrow at PJ. I'm planning to attend the Wake tomorrow. Funeral service will be on Friday. Will keep you posted on details.

Please forward this sad news to other RMC related email lists. Details shall also be posted on the batchblog. Www.royal8th.blogspot.com

OP Azly Anwar 87-91 Alpha


  1. Wake/Service is today at No 9, Jln SS1/1B, Kampung Tunku, Petaling Jaya

    Funeral: tomorrow @ 10am at MBPJ Crematorium, Kampung Tunku , PJ

  2. Do u have mrs ooi contact number? she was our PE teacher in CPR. We the CPRains would like to send our condolence to her n family.
    Thank you. Anisa