Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cikgu Adnan's Ride

I few months ago, I made a pledge to send off my teacher, Cikgu Adnan Osman. Cikgu will be cycling to Beijing. I was under the assumption that Cikgu will be cycling to Beijing in August.

Two days ago (26 May 2008), I got an SMS from Mat Licin (Cikgu’s cycling partner during the Malaysian section of his ride) that they’ll start their ride on Tuesday (27 May 2008).. Major misunderstanding on my part!! I had already reserved 3 days of my annual leave to ‘see him off in August’! And I had to clear some stuff at work before I sent off for the BTN course 29 May! Macam mana ni?? I was really hoping to cycle with him for at least one leg of his journey!!

Being a ‘salary-man’, I had very little choice.. I had to forgo my plans of joining them.. maybe another trip Sir.. but I will send you off!! That was the promise that I made to myself immediately after reading Mat Licin’s SMS..

So, on Tuesday, 0330hrs, I left my house, and rode to the RV point (near Carrefour Wangsa Maju) to meet up with Mat Licin. We were going to cycle to the starting point of Cikgu’s ride.

Though I only has 3 hours of sleep, I could not complain, Mat Licin (and later I found out, Cikgu too) did not sleep a wink!! Maybe they were excited over the trip, butterflies or jitters.. but these guys, almost twice my age, did not sleep at all that night, and they’ll be cycling from KL to Ipoh!

Anyway, Mat Licin and I arrived at St Johns Ambulance’s HQ (Jalan Peel) at 0500hrs. Cikgu and family were already there. There was also a St John’s VIP. After a brief photo session and well wishes spoken, Cikgu’s trip to Beijing started!!

We rode on Jalan Tun Razak, headed towards Jalan Kuching. But at the junction of Jalan Ampang, I had to leave them, and headed for my office… I still have mouths to feed.. I shook my hero’s hand, gave him a final salute, and took a left turning toward KLCC.. I looked back to Jalan Tun Razak and saw the blinkers (safety lights) of their bicycles slowly fading away.. I guess in books and movies, the heroes ride into the sunset after completing their adventure.. Yesterday, I saw two heroes ride into the sunrise to begin their adventure.. Looking at my bike’s odometer, it’s 10km down, 8000++km to go!!

Anyway, you can read about Cikgu Adnan’s adventure to Beijing at his blog site:

On a personal note: Well Cikgu, what can I say.. I envy you, Sir.. You had a dream, and you got on your saddle and are on your way to realizing it. May your dreams come true.. Have a safe and enjoyable journey.


  1. the st. john ambulans dude on the right looks like najib razak.


  2. wehhh...

    that IS Najib Tun Razak!! hahahahaa

  3. Bandit.... one day you & me... we'll cycle to Moscow.... or wherever the Olympic is.

  4. Bandit,

    BTN pun kena pegi ke?