Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ala's mail to Mr. Johan Jaafar

"Ala's responding to an essay/story in the NST dated 3rd May 2008. Story at:" - Kam

Mr Johan Jaafar,



Asalamualaikum, First of all, I am a fan of your weekly columns and essays in the NST. Today i read your article regarding Cikgu Adnan with joy and with pride not to mention admiration for the man. I am one of the hundreds if not thousands of students having passed under Cikgu Adnan's wings. He was my arts teacher and company commander when I was studying in the Royal Military College between 1987 to 1991.

When you mention to OP's (old puteras/ ex student of the college) about Cikgu Adnan, people will remember the gentle but stern arts teacher. People will remember also the calm composed gentleman that he always was. Those interested in arts will testify that he was a keen arts teacher who encourages his students to strive harder. Two of my batch mates who were mentored by him are now established architects and Interior designers, no doubt cikgu Adnan being a big influence in their chosen career.

But people may not know, that besides being a wonderful individual cikgu Adnan is actively involved in all those activities that you had wrote about.(marathon running, biking, mountain climbing and a lot of other adventurous stuff) He has also spent a lot of time doing charity work. Despite being in his his golden years where most people would take it easy, cikgu Adnan continues to inspire others. Just last month at the Kapas - Marang swimathon, he kayakked along my batch mate attempting to finish the race. He was among the last individual out of the water in the 6.5km race but there was cikgu adnan giving him encouragement all the way.Who would kayak in the hot sun for 3 hours just to accompany someone to make sure he makes it? Without cikgu, my friend said he wouldnt have made it. Cikgu adnan continues to motivate even till this day!

Which brings me to my first encounter with him since leaving college 17 years ago in 1991. Not surprisingly it was the KL Marathon where he nonchalantly overtook me and a fellow OP. Needless to say, he finished ahead of us half his age. This man is inspirational. I just hope more teachers, if not more people would be like him.

The next time you have your teh tarik with him, wish him all the best. A lot of 30 to 40 year olds from RMC are encouraging him on his Beijing epic. Knowing him, it will probably be a walk in the park.

Dr Hisyam Salleh

Subang Jaya.


  1. hi all, For those wondering what the hell Im writing this letter for, actually Im responding to an essay/story in the NST dated 3dr may2008. story at:
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  2. sorry for my ignorance... i'll double that 20 with knuckle claps.