Monday, July 28, 2008


We last saw Mat Jaid 8 YEARS AGO!!!

Recently he came back for a 3 weeks break..

Anyway, just to keep you up to date:
Mat Jaid is based in Detroit.. he's serving the Emergency and Trauma Unit at a hospital there. seems to be enjoying himself.. involved with the state level tennis circuit and have a few triathlons under his belt!

Basically, America is treating him well... but I wonder, with all the money he's earning, why couldn't he invest in a decent pair of braces.. as you can SEE, his trademark guSEE, is very much visible in the gathering pics..

Gathering was held on 24 July 2008 at Kopitiam Restaurant in Tmn Melati. In attendance: Mat Jaid, Boot, Wan Jack, Upiq, Cicit, Kam and Bandit.

On behalf of the guys, it was a pleasure seeing you again old friend.. God knows when well see each other again, or in fact if we ever will.. take good care of yourself over there..


  1. wah...banyak triathelte in ur batch hor!


  2. I think Mat Jaid is quite settled down in the US and from our short discussion in the car, i sensed that he will not be coming back to Malaysia anytime soon.

    However, we have asked him to keep in touch and send news through this blog.