Monday, August 25, 2008

Seiring dan sejalan: Interstate 2008

Dear all,

the 3 Bs (Boot, Budin & Bandit) will be going on a road trip this weekend.. we'll be heading south to Rompin.. on our trusty steed.. Yessir.. 3 studs, 6 legs, 3 steeds..

basically, we're joining the PCC (cycling club) in their annual 'Interstate Ride'..
the trip starts on Friday, from Kajang to Rembau.. overnight in Rembau.. (the major hurdle for this the hills.. )

on Saturday, we ride from Rempau to Rompin.. over night at Rompin.. (on this day, the major hurdle is the distance- 170++km)

on Sunday, we're expecting cooling sea breeze, pit stops at EVERY air kelapa muda stall as we head to Kuantan..

we should be back in KL by Sunday evening.. ride report should be posted by Monday..

3 guys, friends since 1987.. after 21 years of friendship, they're off to a road trip.. yeeehaaahhh..