Sunday, February 22, 2009


Yes... I know its Monday, but this weekend is gonna be an exciting weekend for the Royal 8th..

Reason number 1:
BIG gathering at Mat Kong's wedding reception.. As it's G Coy's last man(bachelor) standing, let's get G Coy to head the 'Rombongan Rebellica ke Jemputan Kenduri".. Ahmad Kengkang, Achot, Joejo.. Jalankan Tugas!!

Reason Number 2:
Royal 8ths in Langkawi! Yessir.. Ala Usat, Bean and Kam will be doing the IronMan this weekend.. FYI this is the MOTHER of all endurance sports.. these guys will start with a 4km swim at kuah jetty (translated 1.5 to 2 hours of swimming) .. they'll then hop on their bikes for a 180km ride (that's over 7 hrs of cycling).. and by the end of the day, a 42 km run! they start at 7am, and they should cross the finishing line between 10 to 11 pm!

This is Kam's first IronMan.. This is Bean's 3rd(beat that!!).. and the last I heard, Ala Usat is suffering from a shoulder injury!..

We'd also like to wish OPs(OP AJ, OP Sofiyan, OP Ee-Van) and Kawan OPs (the guys from leTuang, Ish, Arif, Senn, Rashid Robo etc..etc..) a safe and smooth IronMan..

let's wish all our MACHO MEN the best for this weekend:
1) Mat Kong- you can do itttttttt!
2) G Coy guys(to organize the convoy)- you can do itttt tooo!
3) IronMan hopefuls- you can do itttttt! you can do itttt alll night longggggg!

Will report more upon my return from Langkawi- Bandit going as supporter! wooohooooooo!!


  1. you guyz..i was late to mat kong's wedding..i think i missed all of u by 30 minutes..bloody hell...for that i am so sorry...but i managed to meet bapak, mandela and jepun..all happily came as I was too..

    Honestly,i was almost fainted when jeojo inform me mat kong is getting married..i thought this could be the end of the world...not even a single second that i ever thought this guy is going to be married..but man said you guyz thought the same of me too..once upon a time...

    to my bro mat kong..i just want to congrate u and wish u a happy marriage..till end of the time..which i think after your wed will come sooner than ever...just like bandit can do itttt..but make sure u do itttt righttttt..

    to the rest of Macho Men..i just want to say that..for what u have achieved i always look up on u guyz..

  2. sentimental siot....

    cayalah afax...

    wehhh, mana gambar mat kong?