Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dear all,

After 11 days of being away, finally news from Boot himself:

"All of the team members have been evacuated safely and now back in Cairo. Inside Gaza, we have passed the acute phase of the emergency medical need and we are now going for rehabilitation phase on the primary health care centre (PHC). The focus is on reconstructing the damaged infrastructure of the PHCs and to come up with some programmes on capacity building for the local medical personnel.
You have heard about the latest military escalation there and yes we experienced some missiles and drone bomb detonations that rattled our base. But the emotional and mental state of the team members are still very very strong. We will wait and see whats gonna happen after the 5th of February. Should calm arise.. we will go in again to continue our job.
Other than that all of us are very much happy working here. We even celebrated the Gong Xi Fa Chai with our Chinese colleagues.. but no firecrackers only real explosions.. and had a good time...
Thank you very much for all of the kinds words and encouragements. Believe me all these are the only strength that we have to keep our working mojo up and to uphold our mental state steady..
Till then take care and be strong!!!!

So.. it seems that the mission is going well.. stage one DONE!

We really hope that with the current aggression, the team won't go back to stage one again. Ashame to have the Israelis "Un-Do" the brilliant job that the team has done! However, the local news report states minimum human casualties. We hope it stays that way..

For those interested, there'll be a FORUM ON PALESTINE at Crown Plaza Mutiara Hotel on Thursday 5/2/09- it's a whole day event.. please go to www.criminalisewar.com

Entrance Fee (at the door) is rm50- all proceeds go to the War Victims in Gaza..

God be with you, to protect and guide..

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