Sunday, August 22, 2010


This was the first OPA function that I've attended after a few years. I make it a point to attend OPA functions when it's the AGM or if the functions are related to Puteras (RMC).

I went with OP Farouk Khalid, or to be more precise, hitched a ride. The drive down to Sg Besi was pleasant, with some minor congestions here and there.

We smiled upon arrival at Sg Besi.. it's been almost 20 years, and the town still looks the same. The same old BSN at the corner of the 'main business block'..

We parked at the Parade Square, and despite the College providing a shuttle van to ferry the OLD Puteras up to Boy's Wing, Farouk and I decide to walk up the 171 steps.

We were rewarded with a spectacular view of KL at dusk. We passed by the fully air-conditioned class rooms and canteen. We also passed by the refurbished basketball court. Refer to photos.

View from 125th step

RMC's Guard Room is reduced to this small hut, placed at the upper roundabout.

Don't tell me that you're not impressed with the basketball court.


We went straight to the mess as it was nearly time for Iftar. There were of course the familiar faces, OP Khiaril Annuar, OP CA, OP Amerul, OP Bustaman, OP Jamalus etc etc..

The Puteras were smartly dressed in Mosque Orders. Those with '388' military numbers were in batik (yellow for Form 4, greenish for Form 5) and kurtas. All OPs were appropriately dressed (thank goodness nobody was 'idle' enough to wear slippers into the mess).

Azan came. Iftar was simply dates + karipap + kuih gulung. Then off to Maghrib prayers. Dinner followed: nasi minyak + ayam masak merah + acar + dalcha..

I was a bit frustrated with regards to the quality of the food served... the food didn't taste anything like the nasi minyak we had in the late 80s. The food served was tastier.. cukup garam, cukup perisa.. it wasn't the mess food that I was craving.. what happened to the ayam keras, sayur layu, nasi ketul and watery dhal that I was fed with between 87-91?
Well, that's progress for you.

After dinner, it was Isya' + terawikh.. followed by pulut + pengat durian with the Puteras for moreh.. then the OPs had a private session of roti canai and teh tarik..I got home at about 12pm.. TQ Farouk to driving.

OK.. here are the college updates (took time to speak to Puteras and Staffs):

1) Commandant Company is ALPHA.. and for 2010, ALPHA is in the lead!

2) From the outside, the college look good.. which makes me wonder, why are we moving to the new venue again?

3) Ohhh.. perhaps the answer to #2 is the water issue.. and that evening, those praying rellied on a military mobile water unit for wuduk..

4) Food was improving.. and yes, you may agrue that food was 'upgraded' because the OPs were visiting.. but back in the 80s, even if the OPs came, the food was still as tasteless as any other day! hahahaaaa

5) We no longer have Company Commandant.. instead they are called OC Company. But functionally, they are the same.. I just got a bit confused on the matter because I had 3 OCs on my table..

6) The Puteras were asked to recite Asma Al Husna after the end of moreh. But then things went corny.. they made the Boys sing Inilah Barisan Kita.. WWWHHHYYYY? Why not sing Berkhidmat Memimpin? Sorry, but the song selection, was in my books, just corny.. whoever gave the orders, 'dude, that was just lame...'. the only person getting excited over Inilah Barisan Kita was OP Tajul, the Alumni Rugby's vice captain (to each his own, i guess)

7) Puteras' welfare were well taken care off. Form 5 gets RM100 allowance, with only 10% deducted for Annual Dinner. Unlike in the 80s, allowances were cut for the graduation ring, blazer, mess rations etc etc.. back then, we had less allowance and more cuts..

OK that's it from me..



  1. Ooooooo... suruh jambu drive ko yek...hehehe

  2. mana ada jambu bro.. dia team manager Run4Rabeka...

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