Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Royal 8th's 20th Anniversary Gathering


Please note that the tentative date for the Royal 8th's 20th Anniversary Gathering is 29-30 Oct 2011 (2d1n event).

Venue- Raub Pahang. Activities 4x4 off road, BBQ and 1hour stand-up comedy entertainment by Gegek. Note, due to logistical and budget constraints, there'll be NO PAINTBALL, but we'll play EJECT instead (please get Isma to come to re-live the HENTIKAN!!! incident).

It'll be a REBELLICAN ONLY event- no wives, kids, girlfriends, jambus, bibiks, drivers or secretaries please)!

And to make sure that you guys behave, Alpha Company shall be on duty, with Mat Gan as Duty SUO, Bear Duty JUO and myself as Duty Sarjan.. Ala shall be detailed to cover all religious matters. Amril shall be singing his one hit wonder "antara berjuta bintang di langit..". Ucop is still on Attend B due to his braces. Ison will be the entertainment.. oppps, I meant will be providing the entertainment.. Ilam will supply the goat, and Akai should hopefully make it (chibai.. Kalau buat gathering kat Raub and he can't make it, memang idle gila Alpha Company!!)

And if you want someone to abuse, we'll try to locate Balwinder..

We are in the midst of finalizing the costing. 

Pls spread the word around. We'll keep you all posted via FB, batch mailing list and batch blog. 

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