Thursday, June 9, 2011


Dear all,

The match report is taken from the OPA Facebook page, and written by OP Azizan ("Tom") (85-89H). I am sure that this piece of news is somewhat refreshing, more interesting and merrier, in comparison to the headlines of bribery and immigration :

OPA Hockey debut match in KLHA Div 4 vs Havenger : 2 - 1

It was a debut game in KLHA, very much inspired by OP Rezal H'93 Pakeeza's sponsored new outfit - Black Lotto . On behalf of all players and members of OPA Hockey ...our sincere Thank you .

Gratitude to fellow OP members who were @ d stadium to lend support, and all well wishers from OPs (in FB) prior to our debut game . Spirit and morale were high ,... evident in all coming in time for the warm ups and the 'discipline' in game trough out.

The fixture did us a favor having us playing Havengers (LaSalle Pj OB), still it was a nervous start in first ten minutes but, it was a tight discipline game as charted by OP Shazly Khan (90-94E). OP Omar Sharif (Ohm) (87-97 E) scored the 1st goal but tragedy struck soon afterwards to OP Atoy (am not sure of real name and intake ) as he had concussion after being hit by a deflected ball. Play was suspended nearly 35 minutes, and the 2 doctors playing (OP Raja Ahmad Sharul (86-90D) & OP Azmeel) were there to attend to Atoy.

OP Chai (am not sure of real name and intake )scored d 2nd fm a good lay out by OP Azril Omree Hasbullah(Bond) (87-91E) and scoreline was 2 -0 at halftime. 2nd half was a copycat from the earlier half , just that we failed to create some decent attempts. A lapse in defense allowed them to claw back with a goal and it was a nervous last 10 mins .

Still, it was a tight and discipline game to ensure a 3 points in the beg.

Percentage of S/Corner was 0/3 , and maybe OP Shazly Khan will need to improve on this. Outstanding player (my pick) was OP Bainun/ OP Azmeel, but the whole team deserved credit for the 3 points gain.

Updates on OP Atoy is that he had regained consciousness, awaiting scans and we had made all efforts to inform his family. To OP Atoy, we wish u a speedy recovery, and we would be glad to dedicate this win and the 3 points to you.

Welldone Boyz !!
-OP Tom-

As this is a batch blog, I'd like to give a GEMPUR WIRA to Royal 8ths involved:
OP Ohm (first goal scorer)
OP Bond (assisted in setting goal)
OP Upiq (team manager)

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