Monday, May 28, 2007

Kemensah Family Day (Pt 4- main tembak-tembak)

Bear, Upiq, Achot, Kerbau, Faiz, Papalatz, Bandit, Apat, Mat Gan & Budin

Yang dah balik: Ala (Doc Hisyam) & Mat Ten
Yang belum sampai: Mick Stone and Joejo

For the Paint ball session we were devided into Alpha, Bravo & Charlie Company VS Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf & Hotel Company.

Team ABC was led by Azwan 'the Bear' and Team DEFGH was led by Achot 'the lizard'. You can look at it as half full or half empty.. Half full being, under Achot's SUPREME LEADERSHIP, Team DEFGH won all 4 rounds.. or half empty, budak A Block memang lopong!
It was awesome to have a gathering again.. what more in a place the resembles a 'nasi mentah' camp site..

Till our next outing..

Photo credits: Upiq

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