Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kayuh di Kemensah (27 May 2007)

Last weekend, Budin, Kam, Bandit & Hakim (junior) pergi berkayuh di Kemensah. On that weekend, muka-muka biasa tak turun pasal diaorang pergi Kenyir Triathlon. RV at 0730 kat Kampung Kemensah. Because Ala (Doc Hisyam) was not around, we decided that the ride should be a casual one.

Persiapan untuk kayuh.. Budin tengah check back pack and Bandit tengah tunggu..

The route headed to Lumbuk Tedung. It was a casuat ride, so we completed only 30% of the distance. Highest point of the ride.. with Budin 'wanted' to go further, and Bandit 'agreed' but Kam and Hakim had enough.. (or was it the other way around?)

We rode down to Isi Rimba where we had our Family Day.. had breakfast and berendam.. check out the man-breast.. wooohooooo... Photo says it all..

Photo credits: Kam

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