Sunday, September 9, 2007

Beaten by a 56 year old........AGAIN!

Dear all,
Today as of 3 weeks ago, me and kam was again beaten by the 56 year old tough OP named Fadhil. Though the distance is shorter this time, 10 km compared to the last. It was still considered as junior "lopong" kena beat by senior.(Almost double our ages). If I can correct Kam in saying, Mizuno run was held on Sunday the 9th and not the day before.
There were the usual faces of OP's and KOP's (kawan). For the first time, Kam and I was at the starting line early. We were early enough to enjoy the scene, meet up with familiar faces and just about talk about nothing in particular. The race was well organised by the Pacesetters running club attracting (i guess) more than 2000 runners. It was a sight to behold at the start line (padang Merbok) seeing all the runners lined up on the road, obstructing traffic as we please. There race was well marked route passing trough the hilly sections of Bukit Tunku, an adequate enough midpoint watering station, carnival atmosphered finishing area complete with music and ample food and drinks. The only minus point that I could offer was probably the race fee of RM 30 for a short 10km was a bit too much I would think. That was the reason for me not registering in the first place. However, I managed to get a race number from Ishal who pulled out because of flu. Bean, Puzi, my dad ran as "pirates". My mother and niece Nana did half way.
Runners who ran races without registering or paying are called pirates or Bandits in the US. Whatever reason you become a pirate for, ultimately you just have to enjoy the race. Sweating it out and not getting a medal is much better than sleeping till 10am on a sunday morning and becoming a lazy fat ass.
As Kam said, it was my 10th consecutive racing weekend. It was also Zabil's birthday that day. Me, bean and some of our KOP's were at his place the night before and after a night of drinking wine and making merry, Zabil didnt show up at the race afterall! As I didnt have much of the 'jus anggur' the night before, I was able to run the next day!
We met and ran along with the usual gang, Bean the pirate, Steve my jambu bear, karoline, Vicky who's daughter Analice I injected with Influenza Vaccine the night before, 65 year old Cikgu Adnan another tough old guy who can beat Bandit (and a lot of our batchmates!) in any race, Major Kalam who is attached to ATMA and by the way just ran 50km marathon as part of the merdeka celebrations the week earlier, and many more....Ramai sangat la.
Anyway, the race was fun filled with no major drama except for a 40 something chinese guy collapsing up the hill of Persiaran Sultan Salahudin (In front of wisma Pertanian). He's okay, just a bit of heatstroke. What surprised me pleasantly the most was seeing Joejo (OP Zulkhibri) at the finish line! Apparently he ran the Klang race the week before. Well done Jo! The last time I talked to him was when his child was sick, what a pleasant surprise.
Needless to say, he, the 56 year old, the airforce major, the 65 year old teacher and around 800 plus others beat me to the finish line.
You all have fun and move your butts!
Hadir: Me, Kam,bean, cikgu adnan, Major Kalam, Puzi,Laif, Karoline, steve, Jaja, Wendy, Dhamsal, Op Fadhil, OP Iwan, Mohamed, Mei Shen, my parents, Joejo!,Vicky.
Tuang: Op Stupes, Bandit, OP Shazly, Amir, Budin, gegek etc
Warm regards
Doc Ala Usat

* Note: Sorry about the post dated 8 Sept (Sat), actually I posted it today (Sunday). I couldn't change the date setting for this blog because I didn't get full permission. Bandit, pls correct the date to follow KL date. - Kam