Sunday, September 23, 2007

Guess who did the "Genting Nite Run"???

Guys, you won't believe this.... not the triple B's Bandit, Budin & Boot, not even Joejo.... but this "Bugle Boy" who made us really proud of him is none other than..... UPIQ!!! Thanks to his favourite cousin OP Shazly for helping him with the training (Shazly is a certified personal trainer), Upiq walked all the way to Gohtong Jaya. Ala was nervous all the time, if the 11km route was too much for him. But with sheer determination & effort on his part; and encouragement from the group, he made it! When we regrouped at a mamak restaurant at Gohtong, everyone gave him a standing ovation! Upiq... we're proud of you, bro!!! Like they say "Pain is temporary, but pride is forever" (saw that on Ngai's t-shirt that nite)

The Genting Nite run/bike is an annual activity during Ramadan. Normally we'd gather in front of McD Genting Sempah around 10pm. Some would run while others would bike all the way up to Genting Highlands. We'd regroup at Gohtong Jaya (to refuel with roti canai & teh tarek) before continuing the 2nd half to the top.

Me & the superstar "Bugle Boy" with OP Shazly & Fadhil
Tgk steady jer Upiq, boleh senyum lagi
Upiq, Steve & Ala break sekejap kat Gohtong Jaya
Tgh refuel

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