Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mizuno Wave Run 2007

One last race before puasa next week. A'la broke the record for participating in 10 races consecutively for the last 3 months. Some people think that's insane but I'm sure it is something to proud of. We met many familiar faces like Bean, OP Fadhil & Cikgu Adnan but today there was someone not so familiar from our batch took part. Wanna know who is he, just scroll down the page. Hope this was not gonna be his last. For the benefit of our batch, I'll announce every time there is a race, so that more of our friends can take part.

7.30 am at the starting line. Look at these people. Don't cha wish to be there too?

Our Mr. Macho Cikgu Adnan. He's 65 this year but look at those arms, they are bigger then mine.

With Chief Kutus OP Fadhil. Not bad at all for 56 years old guy. He looks no different compare to us in our 30's

We were surprised to see Joejo was there! He's still as fast as before. Wish there were more of our batchmates in the picture.

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