Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bagan Lalang

While the THREE STOOGES went for the Klang Marathon, the 'BIG & WIDE' BOYS went cycling to Bagan Lalang.

Nothing fancy. just Upiq and Bandit, along with another 19 riders started their ride from MTDC to Bagan Lalang. We ate nasi lemak/nasi ayam/roti canai for lunch at Sepang Gold Coast. Then rode back under a scorching sun and searing heat. Total distance: slightly above100km.

We went with a few HARDCORE riders (OP Chief Kutu, OP AJ and OP ShazlyKhan). There were also a group of 'tour-ers' (meaning that these guys have superb endurance..).

One of the tour-ers was Mat Licin, the chap who'll be cycling with Cikgu Adnan to China in August! We'll beliasing with him to organized a send off (ie kita akan kayuh dgndiaorang, during their Malaysian leg).

Anyway, was quite impressed by Upiq's development, he got himself a 2nd hand Felt! And may I add, the bike was well utilized, completed 100km on his 'virgin' ride. Imagine the fun Upiq is gonna have with the slut! Total ride time around 4hrs++.

Here's to a healthier Royal 8th..

Upiq will post some of the pix he's got during the ride.

Reporting with a tan.. Bandit

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