Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bagan Lalang Pix

Aku tak amik banyak gambar because i was too preoccupied thinking of the unexpected.

At the meeting point, MTDC Bangi and a glimpse of my new babe.
Mat Licin, OP Shazly, OP AJ, OP Bandit and me. OP Fadzil aka Chief Kutu was busy managing the crowd.
Refuelling and re-grouping at Shell station near Sepang town.

Yeah, baby. Lunch time. Belasah kaw2.

Total distance = 98.97km.


  1. UPIQ!!! I SALUTE YOU 100 TIMES!!!
    I'm so proud of your big feat!
    You lose so much weight man...!!!
    Let this inspires our friends to follow your new lifestyle.
    CONGRATS again!!!

  2. UPIQ!!! A true testimony of determination will power. It is really an amazing feat what you have achived and also heads up to the crew of the Royal 8th Throughbred in all your exploits and adventures.
    It definitely has been an eternity of a time!!

  3. Kam - thanks. i was inspired by your countless amazing feats!!

    Dunno how long i can keep doing these as one has to endure lotsa pain and sacrifices. Our body is not getting any younger either. At the mo, I'm just enjoying the fun for as long as i can keep up with the arduous training regime and great company.

    Jarus - Jarus..!??

  4. Upiq,I guess i cannot blame you for not remembering me. Well anyhow, just to add insight and not to be labelled as a stalker, I am the guy standing behind you and next to mahindra in the pic below....

  5. wehhhh kums... apa khabar.. long time no hear!! where are you now? rumah kat mana? kerja kat mana? dah kahwin ke? kids?

  6. Hi Bandit, It definitely has ben a while no doubt...17years to be precise.. I am in the UK (past 13 years) working as an IT analyst, baru kahwin (last year) so kids in the It is definitely great to see that you are well and hearty....

  7. Jarus... OH MY GOD..!!

    It's really you..!!

    Damn you, blardy hell, idle boey etc.... sudah lama ko menghilang bro...

    btw, how did you manage to come to this blog? who'd found you (he deserves a medal)?

    Post you latest pix, bro... we, your rebellican brothers missed you too much oredi..

    kalau pegi UK, bleh tumpang kat 'bunk' ko tak?

    btw - perumal kim salam kat ko..

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Is that real Jarus or somebody is pretending to be him? Couldn't find his profile or blog la. Jarus oh Jarus!

  10. Weh, OP Suraj Kumar.. do us a favour, please update us on this blog site.. add in some photos and an update on what's been happening.. we need updates bro.. the only thing that we've been hearing are re-runs of your college days stories from Gegek.. ofcourse with Gegek's version, you know who the is the hero and who is the side-kick..

  11. Upiq - i will call you, realised you missed called me a couple of times! :(

    sorry, did i just disturbed a reunion? :P