Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tioman International Eco-Challenge 2008

13-15 May 2008 (Tue-Thu)

The disciplines include running, mountain-biking, canoeing and other exciting activities. Set within the tranquility of the island paradise participants will explore the mountain, jungle tracks, villages and the beautiful beaches of this island.

Challenges in this race relate to nature, culture and adventure – “the Amazing Race” concept, promoting extreme sports combined with traditional games, folk culture and eco-challenges.

The race will be flagged off by HRH Sultan Ahmad Shah at Kg. Salang.

Day From To Remarks
Day 1 Salang Juara
Flag off at Salang – Running and mountain biking(5 hrs) - night stop at Juara
Day 2 Juara Genting
Canoeing (6 hrs) - night stop at Genting
Day 3 Genting Tekek
Running - Finish at Marina

Details about the race, pls check the website


  1. aku memang minat nak join.. but at 1200 entrance fee.. fuhhh that rm400 per head...tak mampu lah bro..

  2. Aku pun tolong letak jer kat sini in favor of an OP. Aku pun takde budget la kalau mahal cam ni.

  3. Salam bro

    Selamat kenal. Jumpa di Tioman. Kalo ada member nak juin ngan nak duduk free kat Tioman, bole e mail sy.