Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Budin, Boot & Bandit went for the PCC Interstate Ride..

It was a 3 day event.. started on Friday (29 Aug 2008) Kajang to Rembau (133km). Day two saw us riding from Rembau to Rompin (177km) and on the final day Rompin to Kuantan (155km)..

Before we carry on with our report, a note of thanks to the guys at PCC- WELL DONE GUYS!! THANK YOU FOR ORGANIZING SUCH EVENT!!!

There's nothing much to say about the cycling bit except that it was hot.. the route was hilly on the 1st day, but on the 2nd and 3rd day, it was as flat as Ron's crew cut! Traffic was not much of a problem on all 3 days.

There were several types of riders, ranging from hardcore to the casual tourist. It gave Budin the chance to sprint with the second pelaton on the final day.. going at an average of 28km/h over the distance 90 km! He could've gone further, but for the promise that he was to take over the driving duties from me! He said the experience was just like what he say on TV at the Giro or Le Tour or LTDL (except that on TV, the professional riders were averaging at 45km/h, and the bike the used were 10 times more expensive- hint to Sue to let Budin buy a better bike!)


Budin riding uphill..

Another highlight of the ride was Boot doing the full long stretch on the second day- 178km!! What I admire here is the fact that he rode at around 20km/h... you can look at the glass half full and say that he was at a relaxed pace, or you look at it half empty.. the slower you ride, the more time you endured under the sun.. Boot started his journey at 0630hrs and arrived at the Rompin Hotel at 1730!! 11 hours on the road.. minus the 1 hour break for lunch etc... that's 10 hours on the bicycle saddle!! pain in the arse is an understatement..

our everyday routine- getting ready to ride at 0600hrs

and since we carpooled, it meant that at any one time, one of us drove while the other 2 cycled. In total, we each cycled 300++km over the 3 days.

The accommodation in Bahau and Rompin was good. They didn't put us in any dodgy rumah tumpangan.. The rooms were air conditioned, there was TV and fridge.. all was well except for the final day. THUMBS DOWN to De Rhu Resort in Kuantan! There, we checked-in was at 1730hrs!! Very bad service! Imagine those who arrived at 1330! They waited 4 hours for their room! Sorry, but I had to make a mention when the service was wayyyyy below standard! Have you ever heard of a hotel/resort, where the check in time is at 1730??

The delay at the hotel didn't effect us much.. on the last day of the ride we pulled the brakes and took it REALLLLYYYYY EASSSYYYYY... (except for Budin going hardcore with the pelaton!)...
In my case, I had the pleasure of taking a well deserved nap by the sea side after drowning 2 biji air kelapa muda.. and no, we are not talking about 2 gelas, we are talking about 2 biji!! Boot on the other hand was accompanying our new acquaintances who also decided to take it easy on the last day..

How cool is that, unloading your bike at 1500hrs for a seaside ride, last leg to Kuantan

And Bandit assisting Boot with his cramp.. next to Boot is Eddy.. at 1500hrs, after over 7 hours of riding, who wouldn't be tempted to just lay down for a few minutes..

Part makan, memang BEST.. Bandit found the PERFECT Chendol, which he described " the highlight of the ride was the best chendol i've ever had.. not because it was cooling, but the chendol was PERFECT.. the santan is creamy yet light.. and the gula melaka was so thick.. it stuck like ceramel on the firm chendol! Chendol has never been so sexy..


We had: steak, mee mamak, roti telur, nasi lemak, keropok lekor, sweet & sour fish, fried chicken wings, nasi goreng and to end the trip.. a beach side seafood dinner with steamed TIGER GEROUPA, lemon chicken, garlic baby kailan, teochew chillied lala, battered fried squid.. we also had ais kacang, lencheekang, air kelapa muda...


Speaking of acquaintances, we totally enjoyed the time spend with le Tuang gang.. Mac, Ish, MaySen, Ariff.. Thank you for the support and tips. And to our new friends, Eddy of Klang, En Raja, Joanne, Tuan Haji and of course the bubbly Anne.. it was a pleasure to make your acquaintances..

Noticed ex-RMC have a similar pose

Star rider- Mac! We salute Mac because this guy can REALLY RIDE.. (and he always have the ladies hanging out with him!)

We were also glad to have 3 days to hang out together. You can say it's quality time spent.. we were busting our lungs when we recalled the mishaps of 'Hantu Tinggi'.. we spoke of topics ranging from politics (or more precise Politically related Frustration), kahwin 4, private schools for kids, career options etc..

Our only wish was that we could have more Royal 8ths joining the ride.. Imagine a weekend ride with the likes of Mat Kong as your support crew.. imagine ke-dajal-an that he could inflict.. maybe do a "George" (i.e. letak air laut dalam water bottle orang!).. This year, we missed the Royal 8th cyclists like Ala, Kam, Upiq, Achot and Lebet.. maybe next year guys..

We also missed the LeTuang riders.. it'll be cool to have crazies along.. imagine the places we'd eat with you guys around!

Good ride, good food and good friends...


  1. Well done my triple B's! Im so proud of you all. Especially Boot and Budin. Sorry Bandit, but your still my number one.
    BTW, if you guys want to check this out.

  2. Well Done guys, sorry couldn't be more of help along the way. Thanks for the compliment. I think u guys were impressive and i salute the prerverence. BRAVO

  3. wehhh...ala,

    1)apasal lu punye blog tak leh tinggalkan comment?

    2) nice blog

    3) why don't you put a blog link for the Royal 8th to your blog.. I'll try to do the link on the Roayal 8th..

  4. Congrats you 3B's. A 170km ++ in one day is a great feat, by whatever standard.

    I suppose Boot (my x-neighbor) would have shed additional kgs from the last time I met him during the PD 07-07-07 ride.

    You mentioned D Rhu resort. I stayed a nite in a resort of the same name during my Road to 55 Peninsular ride. But it was somewhere off Rompin, not in Kuantan. It's only good to cater for several families at one time, not a size as big as IS rides.

  5. it was a good ride bros, well done! my "injuries" near the jewels are just about recovered, tomorrow night slow spin at putrajaya 10pm jom? with TSB, Senn, Mac and a few others maybe.

  6. Bandit, Boot and Budin....

    You guys had completed a super-marvellous-wonderful feat...

    300++km in 3 days is definitely damn bloody hardcore...

    Well done again...

    Proud to be rebellicans...

  7. To the 3 OP Bs,
    Well Done budak boys... very good teamwork & most important, nampak very nice makan menu!
    My Kutu mentor ARZ has already spoken his words of wisdom so enough lah!

  8. Thank you Bandit. I have added the links. Actually aku dah letak comments dah for the first 2 days. Terlampau banyak la, cannot respond to all. Lagipun, kita orang melayu ni kadang kadang terlampau emotional bila mengomen orang. You just look at some of our facebook and blogs discussion. Kadang kadang pasal very small stuff pun ada pertelingkahan paham antara meraka yang memberi pendapat. Jika semuanya matang tidak mengapa. Tetapi ada segelintir yang terlalu beremosi, menyindir dan menyakiti hati individu. I cant take critisms. Its among the readers that Im worried about
    Anyway, there's my email at the top of the blog, people can reach me there.
    Doc ala usat

  9. Correction: I can take critisms, not cant. So kutuk lah aku


  10. Dear Doctor,

    I'm no doctor with several years of training in med school...but I damn well know a Freudian Slip when I see/read one..

    That my friend was a Freudian Slip!

    Bandit-PhD in BS

    p/s, just to put some reverse psychology on you, the way you respond to this comment will actually indicate whether you can or can't take criticism.. hahahahaa

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