Thursday, September 11, 2008


"Mr Darah Manis" - Mat Gan.. Opppss.. I meant Mat Kong

Yesterday we had a small gathering at NZ Corner Wangsa Maju.

In attendance:
1) Bear
2) Mat Gan
3) Bandit
4) Mick Stone
5) Papalatz
6) Wan Jack
7) Bean
8) Faiz
9) Kam
10) Zamri
11) Mat Kong
12) Joejo
13) Boot

Met up at 2215hrs (and everyone was PUNCTUAL!).. left at 0130hrs!

Check out Zam's hand gesture..

Total damage: 32 glasses of teh tarik, teh o ais limau, limau panas, nescafe etc.. half box of Taiwanese Moon Cake and Korean Biscuits (thanks to Mat Kong).. 60 sticks of satay.. 2 roti telur and 1 roti canai (ironic isn't it, Mick, whose been overseas for so long, earning ex-pat salary, living ex-pat life style, comes home and craves the humble roti canai..).

Today, Ala, Upiq, Boot, Kam, Bean, Zamri and I will be marching up to Genting at 2200hrs.. RV at 2130hrs at Genting Sempah..

Pics posted is a bit crappy.. sorry, our usual photographer (Kam) tak bawak camera, so I took the pics (on life lah Alpha Company)

Our Guest of Honour- Papalatzs


  1. Bros (and bandit especially), thanks for arranging the 9/11 lepaking session. Last night everyone was on 'joke boot' overdosed hahaha ...

    And our prayers to abang mat gan (stroke) and bapak zam our former Pegawai Warrant Bersara Ibrahim (cancer). Insyallah they will recover soon.

    Mat kong is getting married soon, congratulation in advance bro.

    Upiq and mat gan bukak gerai kat pasar ramadhan kat velodrome cheras jual ayam percik and dadih. Macam sedap je ... plan to visit them later.

  2. Camera aku jammed masa diving kat Tioman. Still under repair. Sape ada camera malam ni utk genting run, bawak la.

  3. malam ni aku bawak camera..

    nanti boleh amek gambar banyak sikit utk blog kita..

  4. Apasal I wasnt informed of this gathering? Bloody hell bandit, ambik 10! Knuckle clap

    Ala usat