Monday, September 15, 2008

Genting Royal8

Taking the cue from Bandit, the Genting adventure was dominated by the rebellicans.

Stage 1 - Genting Sempah to Goh Tong Jaya.. approx 10km
Stage 2 - Goh Tong Jaya to Genting Highlands... approx 11km

Bandit may have covered most of the stories and i would just like to add some spices.

I was told taht this year the event attracted the biggest turnout ever. Approx 30-odd nutheads young and old, male and females, came for the event. The option lies on the person to bike, run, walk, crawl, roll etc. One guy even ran down to completed a chilly marathon.

I have to salute the first timers who'd braved the challenge when many of us who'd have preferred to sleep rather than torturing oneself late into the wee morning.

Kam the 2009 Ironman-trainee ran up while the rest opted for a stroll in the dark. I heard he had cramps just before reaching the top but just thinking about him running up the steep terrain sent shivers to anybody's spine. Cayalu...

Boot had initially planned to stop at Goh Tong Jaya but eventually pulled himself up and completed the whole distance albeit muscle cramps and mental pain but armed with a bucket full of determination.

Budin who'd stopped at Goh Tong Jaya, caught up with us on the way up in the support car and maybe he just got inspired looking at us walking in pain decided to walk the rest of the journey. He got cramped inside the last km but managed to complete the challenge with a mighty courage.

Bandit - the pioneer, the one who started all these adventure craze among Rebellicans reached Goh Tong Jaya with renewed spirits and rejuvenated. He then took the role of a support car to ensure the rest of us reach the top safely.

Ala came a bit late and had to race to Goh Tong Jaya. From there he tracked back downhill in search of us and kept cycling up and down tirelessly. For once i felt safe seeing him around knowing if there's any incident, we have Dr to rescue us back to life.

Bean the twice Ironman came a bit late too but completed the walk with ease. Probably not enough challenge for someone as fit as him. He maybe the only Rebellicans who hasnt morphed into plus size since RMC days.

The most suprising of all was Zam the sailorman. He'd volunteered to be the Rebellicans support car crew; an equally important role for the night adventure. Seeing him waiting for us by each blazing corner give us motivation that we have watchful eyes covering our arses should there be any mishaps along the way.

All in all, we had a blast from the past. Terasa cam jalan lasak masa camping dulu minus the celoreng, M-16 and spike boots. tired like hell, torture like shit but satisfied as a moon.

Bandit upon reaching Goh Tong Jaya. Happy giler.

Budin kat starbucks Genting Highlands.

Boot and Zam chilling out with hot coffee.

Rebellicans. Bean was still walking.


  1. Apa ni, kayuh tak ajak????
    Junior macam ni .... ish!ish! ish!

  2. OK.. will announce future ride on the OPA mailing list..

    But seriously, the ride down was a bit dangerous.. minimal visibility.. fog..

    They're doing Putrajaya at 2000hrs this saturday.. interested?

  3. Kam,

    Ko nak naik lagi?

    Giler ker haper?


    2000hrs? isnt that a bit too early?

  4. Uppiq, you forgot another guy who hasnt balooned up since rmc days...mE! wieght masa 1991 50kg. now: 52kg. sama je.
    Anyway i went again last night,tuesday nite and hope to see you again this friday.
    By the way, 20000hrs is ok for people like me and bandit....tak sembahyang.

    Doc ala usat

  5. sorry, I meant 2200hrs..

    been on MC.. suffering from shivers, migrains, sore throat etc..

    error made due to being unwell..

    back in office today.. but still not 100%...