Monday, September 15, 2008

March up to Genting

OK.. seems like the posting on the batch list is a bit stale, considering that everyone’s who went for the Run/Walk/Cycle up to Genting had already written about it in their private blogs.

Cut story short, the following went up to Genting last weekend (mode of getting up in brackets):

1) Doc ‘Ala’ Hisyam (cycled his way up) blog report:

2) Bandit (crawled, drove, cycled and ate his way up)

3) Budin (marched)

4) Mat Lebet ‘Bean’ (strolled)

5) Zamri (marched)

6) Kam (RAN)blog report:

7) Upiq (marched)

8) Boot (marched)

We also had OP Stupe, OP AJ, OP Shazly and 3 handfuls of the leTuang gang going up! In fact there was this one guy, Yip, who ran up and down Genting!

There’s nothing much to write about, except that we had fun.. it was BLOODY COLD.. Kam and Zam suffered from cramps but still managed to march on.. Upiq showed ZERO pain as he marched.. Boot went up at good speed.. we're quite impressed by his fitness level.. doing the full 178km on the second stage of the interstate, and almost running up to Genting.. the guy's improving.. Doc was simply tooooo happy to see the guys taking part... there’s a few going again this weekend.. but for most of the Royal 8ths, we’ll most likely being doing it next year..

Fancy pics from Kam's blog page. Wahhh our friend sudah ada awek sit on his lap! hebat.. hebat..

Budin & Bean.. back view and front view.. note of how much Budin was sweating.. Yeahhh Malaysia Sihat!

Arrival @ Genting.. chap sitting with arms stretched is Yusran.. the birthday boy.. what a way to celebrate another year of aging- run up Genting

OP AJ, OP Shazly, IM Ishal and OP Stupe. Bandit opting for another mode of getting up to Genting

View from the top... 6 of the 8.. Kam, Ala, Upiq, Budin, Boot and Bandit (Zam pergi Kuchil-tak tahan sejuk, Bean still strolling up.. tak larat, pasal masa berbuka makan banyak sangat)

Welcome back Zam.. FYI Zam no longer sails.. he's grounded for on his list is buying a bike!

Royal 8ths would like to thank the leTuang gang for organizing such acivities..



  1. apa yang nak dikantoikan.. lu dah single brother.. unless engkau ada pasang extra.. hahahah..